Top 3 mass shooting myths–specifically school shootings

Another shooting at a school.  It’s tragic, but the media has been quick to pile on half-truths and outright lies in order to manipulate youth who are easy to manipulate and adults who just don’t have the time or energy to dig into what they’re being told.

So, today, I wanted to give you a quick and dirty rundown of 3 of the biggest “mass shooting” myths and “the rest of the story” that you won’t hear in the mainstream media.

Myth #1:  The US is the only place that has mass shootings

The biggest problem with this myth is the concept that someone killed by a gun is worth more than someone who is killed from other causes.  This is sick and wrong, but if you look at the way deaths are handled by the media, they have determined that deaths in the US get more coverage than overseas and deaths due to gunfire get more coverage than deaths from other causes.

When we look at “violent crime” rates instead of just gun homicide rates, what we find is that violent crime rates almost always go up when civilian gun ownership goes down.  This story has repeated throughout history whenever governments have disarmed their citizens and turned them into subjects.

If we look at bombings, car attacks, knife and machete attacks, and mortar attacks around the world, things don’t look as bad in the US.

In fact, if we just look at Islamic terror attacks around the world in the last 30 days, there were 111 attacks in 25 countries resulting in 743 deaths and 1225 injuries.

Myth #2:  Getting rid of guns or “common sense” gun laws will solve the problem

Again, the question has to be asked, which is more important, reducing gun deaths or deaths in general?

There are already 20,000 gun laws on the books in the US.  What magical pink-unicorn-inspired gun law will change the soul of a man willing to murder people?  What mythical law will cause them to make the jump from killing with a gun to co-existing peacefully with the people they hate instead of just switching to another weapon?

If you want to save lives…specifically teenagers…there’s a potential to save 10x more lives by reducing car accidents than by reducing deaths by gunshot injuries.  TEN TIMES more lives.  So, why aren’t kids skipping school to take defensive driving classes instead of “marching” to end gun violence?  Could it be because their brains are still developing and they are easily influenced by the media?

Myth #3:  School shootings happen “all the time” in the US.

When you get to define the terms, you get to control the argument.

School shooting statistics include incidents with bb guns, drug deals gone bad in apartment complexes on university property, accidental discharges, drug deal gone bad in a parking lot of a school in the middle of the night, and drunk/drugged adults doing stupid things on university campuses.

Saying school shootings happen “all the time” is deceptive, dishonest, and disgusting.

ANY school shooting is horrible and everyone agrees that zero is the only acceptable number, but the reality of the situation is that we have taken God and morality out of the schools, we expose kids to hundreds of thousands of instances of violence while their brains are forming, we don’t give them the pressure relief valve of recess or low-intensity fights, we overmedicate them, over sugar them, and give them free access to mind-warping social media.

We ignore warning signs.  When kids act out, we cover up their crimes instead of getting them help.

Then, when someone snaps, we blame guns.

What do we do?

There are answers for individuals and there are answers for society.

The answers for society will be debated and flushed out in a slow and painful process.

The answers for individuals are much simpler and quicker.

You need to train.

Reading a book or just watching a DVD or tv show is not training.  Doing is training.

It could be firearms training like >21 Day Alpha Shooter< that could have you shooting faster, tighter groups by Memorial Day.

It could be situational awareness and tactical flashlight training like >Avoid Deter Defend< so that you can recognize and respond to threats sooner.

It could be >tactical vision training< so you can see threats in a wider field of view quicker and clearer than you’re able to now and respond more effectively with whatever weapon you happen to have available.

But whatever you do, train.

Train now.  Train a little bit every day.  Because you won’t be able to manufacture skill once you find yourself in a fight for your life.  You’ve either trained skills and own them or you haven’t.

Don’t be found wanting.  Train hard.

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  • JonathanC

    Reply Reply May 11, 2019

    The worst massacre in recent times was in a crowded Russian theatre (probably in Moscow), where Chechen terrorists murdered more than 300 people. But, since this happened in Russia instead of the USA, the Ministry of Propaganda did not tell you about that one. They do like to black out real news.

  • Gordon Randall

    Reply Reply May 11, 2019

    The left is willing to sacrifice our children to further their goal of totally disarming American citizens.

    How else can you explain the total rejection of the idea of arming teachers and/or hiring veterans to be in schools to protect children?

  • Robert E Olden

    Reply Reply May 11, 2019

    Gun free zones are exactly where these cowardly shooters go. Virtually every shooting has been in an area where they are very certain no one will shoot back….schools, churches, malls, etc.

    Think about it…..gun free zones, dumbest idea the liberals have come up with yet!!!

  • PC

    Reply Reply May 11, 2019

    So a Republican is in the WH now, Democrats were in the WH in previous years but I really don’t see any slowdown in shooting incidents. Why is it stated so much that a particular political party causes gun violence I.e. Democrats or Republicans?
    I didn’t buy a Democratic or a Republican handgun or long gun last time I purchased one end of last year so which rounds kill more people: Dem or Rep? I just need to know how this works when I go buy more weapons and ammo to protect my home and family- that’s all I’m trying to accomplish.

    • Ox

      Reply Reply May 11, 2019

      You asked, “Why is it stated so much that a particular political party causes gun violence i.e. Democrats or Republicans?”

      First off, gun violence doesn’t exist. It makes as much sense as “fork overeating.” There is violence and there is overeating. And there are tools that people use to do each. The tools are neither good nor bad…only the people taking action.

      Throughout history, a centralization of power has increased violence and a distribution of power has decreased violence. The most effective way to stop bad people from committing violent acts is for good people to have the skills and tools of violence to stop them. It not only stops them before they get on a roll, but oftentimes keeps them from acting in the first place. Gun free zones are a good example of the inverse of this. Over the last 10, 25, 50 years, there has been a consistent undermining of gun laws by one specific political ideology (not necessarily only one party). They created gun free zones and most of our ineffective gun laws. They also are the party that took God out of schools, got rid of recess, and over-reacted to kids having low-level conflict outlets like punching each other.

      When you buy a gun, what you’re buying is the idea that you are the first line of defense for yourself and your family rather than the government. You’re buying personal responsibility rather than trusting the nanny state. You know that if you find yourself in a fight for your life, you want a solution RIGHT NOW rather than hoping you can survive 8 minutes until law enforcement arrives. When you buy a gun, you’re raising your hand and taking another level of responsibility for your safety. It doesn’t mean you’re a SWAT team any more than buying a fire extinguisher and smoke detector make you a fireman…or buying a tourniquet makes you a paramedic. Buying a gun simply lets you address the problem of violence as a first responder until professionals arrive. In a nanny state, this independence is seen as a threat.

      Beyond that, I need to know what you’re asking…I can’t tell whether you’re just trying to stir up an argument, make a point using sarcasm, or if you have a question I can answer. I’ll be happy to help if you have a question.

  • Patricia barrett

    Reply Reply June 8, 2018

    Thank you for enlightening me. I was foolishly informed by the media. Do they really believe what they report or is it jus a job.

    • Ox

      Reply Reply June 8, 2018

      There are several factors that I can point to…an extremely compressed news cycle that prevents the media from researching/verifying, a VERY effective political lobby that wants to centralize power and gun ownership, and the fact that people in the media have a lot of top-pressure to toe the line and stick to the accepted script if they want to have a successful career.

  • D.Bickenson

    Reply Reply May 22, 2018

    Democrats want complete control of the population and it’s much, much easier if the population does not have any guns. Hitler disarmed the Germans (National Socialist Party), Chinese people do not have guns (communist country), Castro disarmed Cubans (communist country) etc. etc.

  • left coast chuck

    Reply Reply May 22, 2018

    I believe there is a deep state secretly running our government. However, I don’t believe it is a small group of wizened Swiss and German bankers, I believe it is the professional bureaucrats and politicians who seem to go on and on in government more than the energizer bunny. You see the same names popping up in administration after administration. I firmly believe there must be a limit to how long you can work for any governmental body. Until we reach that point, I think we will continue to be thrashing around in the morass that has become government in the U.S. The founding fathers would be greatly disappointed. Not shocked nor surprised, just disappointed that the great experiment that they launched has come to embody all their worst fears.

    I saw a report on the news tonight about all the expensive, high-tech school security gadgets that are flooding the market. Apparently school boards are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for gadgets at the expense of education but shrink in horror at a far simpler, more direct security measure, allowing those teachers who wish to do so, to carry sidearms in school. You didn’t see shootings in schools when a lot of the students carried guns openly on campus either to participate in school sponsored shooting teams or to hunt on the way home. Now that kids are forbidden to even point their fingers and make a noise like a gun, we have the shootings that we have had.

    I will only comment that television is quick to accept credit when some young person calls emergency phone numbers and says that he or she learned how on TV but they are far more quick to deny responsibility when a young person mimics violence they have seen on TV.

    I won’t even touch on how drugged out our students are today and how many of the “mass” murderers have been on some kind of drug therapy for extended periods of time.

  • Pasquale ventriglia

    Reply Reply May 22, 2018

    How about flashbag geranades mounted in all hallways that react to area of suspect followed by pepper spray cloud with nontoxic dye that incapacitates sight with hipitch scireans wifi signal to nearest police crusier with location of suspect

    • Ox

      Reply Reply May 22, 2018

      Probably not.

  • Don Brown

    Reply Reply May 22, 2018

    I grew up in the South with a .22 Glenfield in the rack of my pickup window. Nobody ever shot anybody, because: We loved and feared God’s retribution, we feared Mom and Daddy if we did something stupid, and we had a deep abiding respect for human life. Now, thanks to the progressive agenda, all that’s gone. No respect for God, mom and Dad, or other people. The media, Hollywood, and the gaming industry has seen to that.

  • Donn Kraemer

    Reply Reply May 22, 2018

    Good info. I was a SWAT rescuer at Columbine HS in ’99,have visited the Dunblane, Scotland, school site where my police friend responded to, and edited a John Giduck book on school shootings. Since the 1950’s no students have died in a school fire due to alarms, extinguishers, drills, safety programs, etc. If schools would take a similar approach And lock their doors, these incidents would be reduced.

  • David Darnall

    Reply Reply May 22, 2018

    Well said.

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