SHOT 2022: 3 Examples of disruptive technology

One of the things that I look for at SHOT show is disruptive technology…not a slight change on a proven idea, but novel concepts for unique problems that cause people to think differently.

There are 3 examples that I want to share:

First is a non-semi auto AR from Fox Unit:

Why would you want it?

YOU may not want it…now.  But people who live in states/countries that have bans on semi-auto rifles can now use AR platform guns.  And if anyone challenges them on having an illegal semi-auto, they can just show off the big “FU” stamped on the side of the magazine well.  (I’m guessing that stands for “Fox Unit.”  I can’t imagine what else it might mean.)

There are 3 other groups of people who will benefit from this:

  1. Handicapped shooters who can release the bolt carrier group forward on an AR easier than they can run a bolt.  This can be done by hitting the bolt release paddle on the left side OR by using a BAD lever.
  2. Precision shooters.  By stopping the movement of the bolt carrier group mid-cycle, the gun settles quicker after each shot and Vincent (the inventor) tells me that it’s much easier to track and call your shots.
  3. Youth shooters.  As anyone who’s taught youth shooters (or immature adults 🙂 there can be A LOT of temptation to see how quickly you can run the trigger to make a lot of noise.  Fun?  ABSOLUTELY!  Safe or useful from a training perspective?  Not so much.

Check them out at

Second, is a binary trigger for the Glock form Franklin Armory.  They have received a lot of criticism for this trigger and every other binary trigger they’ve released.  They’re not practical.  They’re no good for self-defense.  There’s additional liability.  You can’t use them for competition.  That being said, there are a couple of reasons why I like them.

  1. If you’ve got a shooter who can accurately shoot 5 rounds per second, they could feasibly shoot 10 with this binary trigger for the Glock…it would be another level of control, but very possible with a brace.  That’s just over half way to full-auto Glock 18 speeds at about 1/20th of the price.
  2. In the battle to maintain the 2nd Amendment, disruptive technologies like this are necessary to keep the battle lines from continuing to creep towards all-out bans.

Third is an “Adjustable Pistol Stand” from Black Collar Arms.

I’ve been in love with long range pistol shooting since I shot my first Thompson Contender more than 20 years ago.  Whether it’s freestyle, using a sandbag, or any other derivation.

Black Collar arms has come up with an adjustable pistol stand that attaches onto any pistol buffer tube and provides another point of contact for increased accuracy and controllability.  This is not a stock and it’s not a brace…it’s a stand.

While I’m not the intended target for any of these 3 products, I was significantly impressed in a sea of thousands of products to remember and share them.

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