New Popup Targets!

As you can probably tell, we’re on a continual quest to make gun training more fun and more effective.

Because the more fun you have doing it, the more often you’ll train AND the quicker you’ll learn.

Today, I want to introduce you to our newest targets…Popup Targets 🙂

As you’ll see, I had some fun making this video…a little Shamwow inspiration…maybe even a little Billy Mays…and you’ll have even more fun using them.

I consistently find that people undervalue the importance of “fun” and “easy” for gun training.  They undervalue “fun” out of false stoicism in the belief that only serious training is appropriate for something as serious as training to survive a fight for your life.  “Fun” makes learning happen much, much quicker.  Most training leans too far towards fun or too far towards serious, but the most effective training uses a healthy mix of both.

People undervalue the importance of “easy” because of habit and history.  Gun training has always been hard…or at least complex.  We want to make it as easy and fun for you to do as possible…so that you see it as something to do for a fun, energizing break rather than just something else on your to-do list.  Fun, easy to use targets like this help make that possible.

You can get PopUp Targets on their own when you click >HERE< OR, we’re going to send out 3-packs as a free additional bonus to anyone who signs up for the Praxis Dynamic Gunfight Training.  We’ve got a few showings this weekend of the shortened version of the presentation where you can learn about Praxis…see which one works best for you by going >HERE<

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  • Guy Blew

    Reply Reply February 10, 2020

    Like the idea of pop-up targets looking forward to giving them a try
    Where can one get dry fire rounds that have a laser light that flashes so one knows where they are hiring the target? Not every one can afford those dry fire guns that have the laser built. Hack there as expensive as the real McCoy.

    • Ox

      Reply Reply February 19, 2020

      Good question…

      I don’t know of a “click-on” dry fire round that I would recommend. A better solution is to learn to watch your sights as you’re pressing the trigger so you know where the muzzle was pointed throughout the trigger press and can call your shots.

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