My favorite self-defense tool where guns aren’t allowed…

I’ve got a great training tip for you today that could tip the scales far enough in your favor that you DON’T need to shoot in a self-defense situation.
You’ve seen my videos where I demonstrate drawing and hitting target in under a second…
But when I’m out and about, I don’t see my Glock as my go-to weapon in a self-defense situation…especially if I’ve got to go through security or if I’m carrying in deep/slow concealment.
My primary weapon is whatever is in my hands…
It’s crucial that you understand that.
Your primary weapon is not your gun, unless it happens to be in your hands.
I’ve usually got water or coffee in my hands.
Normally, in one of my stainless steel vision training bottles.
The distraction that it causes buys me the time and space I need to get my gun into the fight or lay down more strikes…or it may end the fight without having to fire a shot when the attacker sees that I have my gun drawn as he’s recovering from the shock of getting a water bottle thrown at him.
It’s similar to the idea that the purpose of a pistol is so you can fight your way to a rifle.
It’s multi-dimensional thinking/training.
It’s VERY different than standing flat footed at the range and shooting at your target in your lane.
And, it’s an example of why/how properly structured dry fire training can be SO MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than just doing live fire training…especially if you own a firearm for self-defense.
This is one of those skills where thinking about it and knowing it isn’t going to cut it…you’ve got to actually practice it.
If you do 1000 dry fire reps of dry fire with empty hands, your brain doesn’t have a script to follow when you DO have something in your hands when you need to draw.
Try it the next time you’re doing dry fire…start with something in your hands and throw it at your intended target before you start your draw stroke.
We’ve got 2 courses that are designed with this in mind…
If your primary concern is being able to handle a counter-ambush or counter-assault situation with your hands or what’s in your hands, you want to check out Fight To Your Gun.
And, if you’re primarily concerned about training to use what’s in your hands to create the time and space you need to get your gun into the fight, you want to check out Dynamic Gunfighter.
Either way, you want to push beyond flat footed, square range training to real-world gun training.
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