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Until we figure out the elusive solution to keep evil people from deciding to use violence on innocent people, our best solution is to equip & train ourselves and others to be able to stop evil as quickly and efficiently as possible when it happens.

Did you know that 30+ states have provisions for teachers and other non-security personnel to be discretely armed on campus and ready to protect their students?

Teachers with guns are one of the most effective ways to deter attacks in the first place and to stop a murderer in the early stages of their attack…before it becomes a mass casualty incident.

A GREAT response time for law enforcement is 8 minutes, but trained and armed teachers can respond in seconds…before the murderer gets on a roll.

After the Parkland shooting, armed teachers reached out to me, asking to remain anonymous, but requesting help for their teams in the form of training.

They have the desire to protect our kids, but not the budgets for training that they’d like.

I’d like to invite you to join with me in helping them.

Here’s the deal…

Last week, we ran a special where I pledged to donate Dry Fire Training Cards to local law enforcement for everyone who signed up for the 21 Day Alpha Shooter program. Because of that, today, I’m taking 18 sets of Dry Fire Training Cards to one of the firearms instructors for the Post Falls Police Department. Thank you.

This week, I want to do the same for armed teachers…

When you sign up for 21 Day Alpha Shooter >HERE<, I’ll donate the training to an armed teacher willing to train to protect our kids.

Or, if you sign up for 21 Day Alpha Shooter + Diagnostic Splatter Targets >HERE<, I’ll donate the training + splatter targets to armed teachers.

Why is this so important?

Because additional laws aren’t going to stop acts of senseless violence in the future. Someone willing to murder doesn’t care about laws and an additional law (or 20) won’t change their behavior.

What changes the behavior of someone willing to commit mass murder?


Some people delegate the application of this force to law enforcement. In the process, they accept the fact that there will be a delay in response times.

Others train their minds and bodies to be able to act as a tactical first responder…not some high speed tactical operator…but a first responder who does the best they can with the tools and training they have until the pros arrive.

The model works for fire emergencies. It works for medical and trauma emergencies. And it works for emergencies where an evil person has decided that other people’s lives have no value.

We equip teachers to be able to protect their students from fires until the fire department arrives.

We equip teachers to be able to treat their students in medical/trauma situations until EMS arrives.

And we need to equip teachers who are willing to stand in the gap to be able to protect their students when evil comes in the form of a mass murderer.

Again, please join me in helping to train armed teachers.

To sign up for 21 Day Alpha Shooter, please click >HERE<

And to sign up for a combo package that includes 21 Day Alpha Shooter, Diagnostic Splatter Targets, & $141 of bonuses, please click >HERE<

When you do, you’ll get some of the best firearms training available at any price and so will a deserving armed teacher.

If YOU are an armed teacher, please reply to this and let me know. I may not be able to fill all armed teacher requests for training, but I’ll do what I can.

If you know armed teachers, please don’t reply on their behalf, but forward this email to them and let them contact us directly.

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  • Douglas Gerber

    Reply Reply April 13, 2018

    OX, I’d like to buy a set or two of cards that you can give to a school. How can we work that out?

    • Ox

      Reply Reply April 30, 2018

      Douglas, I apologize for the delay. I’ve been traveling and missed your comment somehow.

      I’ll forward this to Rebekah and she’ll be in touch.

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