Fun, powerful reaction light dry fire drills!

Most shooting drills today are meant to get people better at punching holes in paper…

Not getting people better prepared for using a firearm in a self-defense situation.

There are 3 parts to the process…

  1. How QUICKLY and ACCURATELY you can identify threats (visually).
  2. How QUICKLY and ACCURATELY you can decide what to do.
  3. How QUICKLY and ACCURATELY you can act.

You need to make quick, accurate decisions on whether or not to shoot and what to shoot based on what you see…not what you hear.  (“start” buzzers don’t help)

Having guns, knives, and hands on targets is a good start, but in the real world, the situation is changing from second-to-second and we need to be able to react to visual change quickly and accurately.

This type of reacting-to-light training is so powerful, that Forbes just published an article on it on Wednesday…of course they only talked about the “fitness” and “sport” aspects and not how combining it with gun training could actually save your life.

Which is why I’m so excited to show you these drills that use light and color to make your dry fire WAY more fun and effective!


Watch the entire minute and 22 seconds.  The progression starts very slow and very easy, but that foundation is necessary to be able to do the fun drills at the end at a high level.

This progression kind of highlights the problem with most “cool drills” you see on YouTube or FB.

Shooters show the end result without laying out a step by step process of how YOU can do what they’re doing.

Without a step-by-step process, those “training” videos are simply entertainment…not training.

So, you are left to try to figure it out by brute force…wasting tons of time and ammo in the process.

There’s a better way.

A MUCH better way.

Just over a year ago, we introduced the Praxis gunfight training system to the civilian and law enforcement market and the results have been off-the-charts.

Shooters…even older shooters and shooters with banged up bodies and limited mobility…are shooting on the move better than they used to shoot flat footed.  Which is good, because most self-defense situations are going to include movement and odd angles, regardless of whether or not you want them to.

And, I’ve got some exciting news for you…

We just added more than a dozen light-based drills to Praxis, including the ones shown here!

If you’re already part of the Praxis family, the drills are in your members’ area and you can start going through them immediately.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, and how we’re able to get shooters better on-the-move performance than most people can shoot flat footed…with only a few minutes a week of dry fire drills…I’ve got a presentation you need to watch >HERE<

And, if you already watched the presentation…wanted to order…and the addition of the light-based drills pushed you over the edge, just reply back to any email you’ve gotten from us or comment below and we’ll get you a link straight to the checkout.

Oh…one last thing….

When you sign up this weekend, you’ll get a set of 3 Pop-Up Targets for FREE!

You see, the more fun you can have while training, the more you can get done in less time…that’s why our fun drills will help you become better in less time than what is possible with traditional live fire training.

“Fun” is just one of the big factors…watch the presentation >HERE< to see the rest…


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