Fun Dry Fire Drills With PopUp Targets

The more variety and fun we can add to our dry fire, the quicker we’ll learn and the more often you’ll train.

The more we can add visual decision making to our training, the more it will transfer over to the real world.

PopUp Targets are exactly the solution you’ve been looking for to make dry fire fun AND effective.

Check out a couple of the fun, light-based drills that you can do with them…

You can get your PopUp Targets now by going >HERE<

It’s super-important that if we are training for self-defense purposes and we want to build skill as quickly as possible that we use fun, variety, and visual decision making in our training.

That’s why PopUp Targets come with 50+ drills for law enforcement/self-defense drills, competition, long range shooting, visual decision making, and drills to help you learn to trust your front sight.

Some use lights like the SwitchedOn App or BlazePods, but most can be done with nothing but a safely unloaded pistol with all ammo removed from the training area or a laser pistol like the SIRT that I use in the video.  

Why’d I make these?

I had an elite training unit who wanted a dry fire training target that they could stuff in a pocket or range bag, use in the school house, and use out on the range as long as they had rocks or boxes of ammo to hold them down.

This patent pending design was the answer.

And they’re super-effective, compact, and FUN!  I take them on the road with me for teaching in classrooms, and this weekend, I had 8 of them (with BlazePods inside) spread out throughout a church sanctuary for training with a church security team.

We’re entering a super-chaotic time.  The training that may save your life next month needs to start today.  And PopUp Targets are a great way to make that happen.  Get yours now by going >HERE<

If you need a stop-gap solution until your PopUp Targets arrive, download the SwitchedOn app and grab yourself some post-it notes to stick around for targets.

A drill to get you started is red/yellow/green.  When red shows, shoot.  When yellow shows, draw to low ready and step to the side.  When green shows, holster or do nothing.

Have fun with that, but trust me…you’re going to want the PopUp Targets 🙂

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