Are you doing “Red Zone” or “Green Zone” Training?

Awhile back, I was doing another weekend of performance neurology / brain training with Z-Health and one of the things we talked about was the science behind getting the most benefit from your training time…

I want you to stop with me for a second and imagine a couple of your favorite pistol drills.

The one that you do the most as you’re doing dry fire practice.

The one that you do the most at the range.

What speed do you do the drill?

What distance?

What group size are you looking for?


Now, stop doing that drill in that way.

It’s probably not helping you as much as you think…especially if it’s the drill you do best.

You see, in order to build skill that you can use at a high level under stress, you need to hardwire the information into specific parts of the brain.

3 of them are:

The motor cortex.

The basal ganglia.

The cerebellum.

If you’re not training so that your skill is stored there, your performance will tank at high speed or under high stress.

Most gun training classes are structured so that students perform well at the end of class, but don’t really build skills that they can depend on a week or two later.  The ability to perform like you did in class disappears quickly under stress…like your mind going *poof!* during a final exam.  That’s a big part of why people with lots of the wrong kind of training routinely don’t perform well in real world situations.

Grinding out rep after rep of the same drills on your own doesn’t get the job done either.

You see, the cerebellum CRAVES novelty.

If you’re feeding it the same old pablum, rep after rep, week after week, year after year, your cerebellum is going to get bored, stop paying attention, and additional reps are almost useless.

That’s why you need to switch things up.

You can do a completely different drill, or…

Try doing the exact same drill radically faster or radically slower than how you normally do it a few times.

Try doing the drill with tighter and tighter precision.

Try breaking up a technique into chunks and do the different parts at different speeds…maybe clear cover quickly, grip slowly, draw, rotate, and get your support hand grip quickly, extend and press slowly.


On a reload, hit the mag release and move for your spare fast, get your grip slow, bring the mag up about 6” from your magwell fast, hit the magwell slow, slam it home fast, rotate, put the gun back into battery, reacquire your support hand quickly, reacquire your sight picture and press slowly, press the trigger quickly.

You get the idea.

You see, when you train smart, you’re able to make quicker gains in less time and with less effort.

Train the same old drills you’ve always done with too little challenge or effort and you’ll be in the black zone…with very little, if any benefit.

Train too much (also called “grinding out reps” or “brute force”) or do training that’s too much of a challenge and you’ll see diminishing returns for your extra effort…and possibly plateau, burnout, or injury.

But when you use our training, and you stay in the green zone…the sweet spot…you’ll get the most bang for your training time and training dollar.

It’s a smarter way to train for people who don’t have the time to send tens of thousands of rounds downrange every year but who still need to be able to build life-saving skills as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Now, if you want an assortment of drills that are purposely designed to drive information to the right parts of the brain, you’ve got a couple of great options…

First is Dry Fire Training Cards and the 21 Day Alpha Shooter system.  It’ll give you 50 dry fire drills specifically designed to increase your speed and accuracy quicker than what’s possible with traditional range training or boring, old school dry fire.  You can check it out and get signed up now at

If you’re looking for cutting edge, industry leading training for real-world 360 degree dynamic self-defense shooting, then you need to check out the Praxis Dynamic Gunfighter system.  Simply put, there is no other training like it available to civilians or all but the most elite military and law enforcement at any price.  You can see an encore presentation of my Dynamic Gunfight Training program >HERE< and we’ll talk about several ways that you can get the most value out of every valuable minute of training that you have…We’ll even do some mind blowing demonstrations together during the presentation that you simply have to experience to believe.

Mark watched it and had this to say:

“This structure and correlation as to how the brain learns
is the absolute best instruction I have ever experienced.”

So, if you want to have the same experience as Mark, get signed up for this workshop right now by clicking >HERE< It will be time well invested.


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