Using The Walther PPQ ?Paintball? Gun For Serious Training?

I’ve got a great training tool to share with you today…it’s the Walther PPQ .43 caliber, CO2 powered paintball pistol from T4E (Training for Engagement).

This is a great training tool, regardless of whether or not you own a Walther PPQ and I’m going to show you 3 distinct ways that you can train with this platform, depending on what you’re training.

One of the best things about this trainer?

It’s not a gun, so in most jurisdictions, you can leave it out, unlocked 24/7 and train with it whenever you get the urge without fear of criminals stealing and using it.

In addition, the fact that it’s not a firearm means that it’s easier to find places where you can safely do 360 degree training.

All-in-all, it’s a win…check it out by watching the video below:

To answer your question…yes, the Walther PPQ works with all of our training, including:

21 Day Alpha Shooter < That will have you shooting 2x faster, 2x tighter groups in only 21 days

Draw Stroke Mastery < The only course that gives you a step-by-step roadmap to a sub-second draw stroke

Praxis Dynamic Gun Fighting < The only course that will have you shooting better on-the-move than most people shoot flat footed…in only a few minutes a day.

Do one…do all three…but whatever you do, keep moving the ball forward as a shooter, a few minutes at a time, a few times a week.

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