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The United States has woken up to the threat of foreign terrorists since the 9/11 attacks, but most, if not all, of the emphasis here in the US on stopping future attacks has been by local, state, and federal agencies hardening weak spots and interrupting attacks during the planning stages. Of course, we’ve taken military action around the globe to attack the organizations that support terrorists, but I want to focus on what we’re doing at home to stop future attacks.

To start with, let’s look at the fact that many of the targets of terrorist attacks that have been uncovered over the last decade have been high-leverage attacks. What I mean by this is that the attacks are designed with minimum cost and maximum impact in mind.

Some of the first targets that come to mind are the core components of our just-in-time marketplace and interconnected society. Fuel, electricity, transportation, communication, banking, stock/commodity markets, electronic banking, the internet, etc.

These are juicy targets, and the results of an attack on these targets has far-reaching consequences because of how dependent people are on these systems and how interconnected they all are.

An attack on our fuel distribution system would cause food and transportation costs to skyrocket. An attack on communication and electronic commerce could hinder fuel distribution and cause the same problems, and more.

And, of course, we can look to the jetliners-as-missiles attack on 9/11 and the bear raid attack that caused the 2008 crash. Both of these attacks caused maximum impact with minimum cost. Actually, there is considerable evidence that the attackers in both of these cases made investments in anticipation of the attacks that allowed them to profit quickly and recoup all of their costs for planning and executing the attacks.

But what do these have to do with you and me and other preppers who just want to live our lives and be left alone?

Here’s the reason.

As long as the stability of our country depends on so many fragile systems, those fragile systems will continue to remain good targets for our enemies…like a little guy taking out a 6’6″, 300 pound professional wrestler by taking out his knees.  The more independently families, neighborhoods, and communities are able to operate, the less they’ll have to depend on the fragile systems and those fragile systems will stop being as attractive as they are as targets.

Let’s take medieval siege warfare as an example and let’s assume that we have a walled city that gets it’s drinking water from a stream that runs under the wall, through the walled section, and out the other side. Barbarians come, the city dwellers retreat inside the walls, and the siege starts.

Since the city dwellers have always had an uninterrupted source of fresh water, they decided that they didn’t need to store any water. They operate on the modern equivalent of a just-in-time economy.

Since the barbarians are barbaric, they start putting their feces, the feces of their animals, and all of their dead bodies in the stream, upstream of the wall. The city dwellers start getting sick and dropping like flies and the few remaining survivors soon open the gates to surrender and beg for fresh water. The barbarians take the city at minimal cost, and take their drinking water from further upstream until the stream clears out.

If the city dwellers would have had water storage, water filtration, rain water catchment, and/or a well inside of the walls, they would have been less dependent on their just-in-time fresh water supply and the water supply wouldn’t have been as attractive of a target to the barbarians.

Similarly, the more areas of the country that can feed themselves, the less attractive attacks on the food supply become. This is the case for virtually every system that we depend on.

I’m not suggesting that everyone should completely ignore all of the benefits and advantages of a just-in-time economy and live as an island, but I am suggesting that if more people took the steps necessary to be able to self-support for an extended period, or even a short period, after a natural, manmade, or economic disaster, it would cut down on the number of high value targets that terrorists have to attack.

I wish I could say I thought up this angle, but it was actually an author by the name of Stephen Flynn and it’s a concept that he discusses in the book, “The Edge of Disaster; Rebuilding a Resilient Nation.

Mr. Flynn is a senior fellow at the Counsel on Foreign Relations, but even so, I have to say that this book is a very good book. He does tend to focus more on the actions that government entities and larger companies can take rather than the individual, but the concepts that he covers are applicable to individual preppers and can be implemented much faster by individuals than the groups that he is actually targeting with the book.

So, from a practical perspective, what would individuals need to do to help reduce the number of high value targets in the US and reduce the impact if one of those targets were hit?

In short, enjoy the fruits of a just-in-time society, but get prepared for hard times and learn how to be more self-sufficient while you’re at it. Become resilient as a family, help close friends become resilient, and possibly even help in a CERT or other organized disaster response capacity.

At first, that probably means stocking up on items that will provide for your family in the event of a short term disaster. Long term, you’ll most likely want to learn skills that will help you and your family thrive during an extended disaster. In either case, you’re going to want to focus on TAKING ACTION IMMEDIATELY and buying items and learning skills that you can benefit from regardless of whether or not you ever experience a disaster.

Buy as much extra of the consumables that you already use as possible…food, water, drinks, supplements, bathroom goods, clothes, etc. Start with 1-2 weeks of backups and then I’d suggest building up to 6-12 months. This obviously won’t work with produce and other items that will spoil quickly, but it will work with shelf-stable foods and we do it with frozen food too.

What percentage of the population does it take to make a difference?  There’s no way of knowing for sure, but I’ll give you two truisms.  1.  YOU are the only person that you can force to get prepared.  2.  The exact number of prepared people doesn’t matter nearly as much as how our enemies percieve us.  Japan didn’t do a land invasion in WWII because they thought they’d encounter a gun behind every tree.  Whether it was true or not didn’t matter…what mattered is that our enemies had that perception.

Next week, I’m going to share a resource with you that will walk you, step by step, through the process of getting prepared for disasters as fast as is humanly possible, so you’re going to want to stay tuned. This will be perfect for people trying to go from zero to prepared as fast as possible, for people who have preparations in place who need a solid gut-check, and a tool to use with small groups getting prepared together.  You can get a sneak peak by going to www.FastestWayToPrepare.com.  (If you check it out, please let me know what you think.)

Next week, I’m also going to be launching my newest book on tactical firearms training. It fills a huge, gaping void in the tactical firearms training book market. It has been a labor of love over the last several years researching, combining, and testing the methodology. I was very fortunate to be able to get Dustin Ellermann, winner of Season 3 of Top Shot to demonstrate the skills throughout the book and I’m excited to share it with you.

What are your thoughts on a prepared society being less appealing as a terrorist target than a society 100% dependent on just-in-time supply chain and utilities? What have you done to insulate and protect yourself from interruptions and breakdowns in supply chains and utilities? What do you have planned for the future? What’s keeping you from taking immediate action? Also, what do you think about Anonymous’ threat to cripple/shut down the internet on Saturday? Do you think it’s still possible after root servers were attacked in 2002, or is the internet too resilient to fall to a digital attack? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

God bless & stay safe!

David Morris






    48 replies to "How YOU Can Help Stop The Next Terrorist Attack"

    • Bob Kawka

      I have to respond to several comments regarding the response times of the Red Cross. I am a Red Cross disaster volunteer. I have been to Katrina, Ike, Gustav, and fires. The Red Cross has been responding to emergencies and disasters for over 100 years. At this point. I won’t go into the political situation that slowed the Red Cross response. What the Red Cross learned from Hurricane Katrina was that there is a limit to our capabilities for controlling and working with a large-scale disaster, both in terms of finances and personnel. Since that time, the Red Cross has developed programs for training various local agencies, both government and religious in basic concepts of providing sheltering and mass care based on our experience. In my chaptercoverage in California, a major 8+ magnitude earthquake would result in our having to try to take care of over 2 million individuals who are not prepared. There are many good references to basic survival plans. There are many organizations who want to help you prepare for basic disasters and that includes FEMA, Red Cross, LDS, and other local agencies, but it’s up to us to contact them and start or continue the process of preparing.. It’s also up to us as citizens to encourage, very strongly, our local government agencies and churches to be prepared to provide some sheltering for their citizens. One of the poster children for community preparedness that was encountered during hurricane Ike and Gustav is Tyler, Texas. Shelters were identified, supply lines identified, shelter managers were designated along with a sheriffs deputy and a ham radio operator were assigned prior to opening the shelter. Additional community support personnel were brought in as needed. Each day the mayor and her husband visited each community shelter and ensured that all needs were taken care of in a timely fashion. They were awesome. We citizens, need to get our local communities preparing for various types of disaster scenarios. The local Red Cross is mandated to identify potential, common disasters and suggest preparation needs. Your community is supposed to do the same thing.

      The first step is up to you to prepare for you and your family, encourage your community to prepare as a community, and to keep reviewing on a regular basis both your personal and your communities disaster plans and preparations.

    • Ernest Hayes

      “The more independently families, neighborhoods, and communities are able to operate, the less they’ll have to depend on the fragile systems and those fragile systems will stop being as attractive as they are as targets.”
      Amen brother!

    • June

      David-Enjoy your articles; my son-in-law and I have been “prepping” for quite awhile; we do use clean, plastic gallon milk jugs, to store water. Because we garden, we rotate the water out, about every 6 months and he’s studied “water purification”. We store those water containers in cool, unlit areas.
      We can and freeze our own garden produce and some of his “team” at work directed us to a mail-order house – -shelfreliance.com (that’s shelf reliance dot com)- -who sells containers of both dehydrated and freeze-dried foods. They are located in Utah, but go online, look them up and go through their product list. For “fun” we ordered a container of “freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches”, just to try them. Amazingly, they were tasty; tasted exactly like what you’d expect from a “normal” ice cream sandwich, but let me warn you – -the “texture” IS very different!
      They carry an amazing variety of “high protein”, nourishing foodstuffs and with a little ingenuity and imagination (like adding spices, seasonings, etc) you can make some very “tasty” dishes, whether you’re a vegetarian, or a meat lover! The prices are really not bad (we’re NOT wealthy); the shelf life of freeze-dried product is said to be 25 years!!
      We do have a power generator and can keep the freezers going indefinitely – -son-in-law has an aversion to “storing” gasoline, because it can “sour” and go bad; so we, routinely, keep some ahead and rotate if out on a regular basis. If worse comes to worse, we will siphon our gas tanks.,on any of 4 vehicles, plus ATVs and dirt bikes! We have Coleman lanterns and all kinds of camping gear, sleeping bags, first aide kits, etc.
      A couple of winters ago, we installed a fantastic woodstove, because the gas heat bill was approaching $300 a month, in cold weather (3000 sq. ft. house-2 levels). That little sucker heats the entire house, with the help of 3 directional fans -those can run off the generator as well. By the way, the gas heat bill, now, does not run over $30 (thirty), in a given month and we are quite comfy!
      Initially, my daughter thought we were both a couple of “crazies”, but she’s smart enough to know what’s going on; realizes we need to be prepared for either natural, or man-made events and no longer resists our efforts.
      We don’t feel “alone” because we have David Morris and all of you, plus good, trustworthy “prepper” neighbors! Good luck to all and God Bless!

    • Angela Condrey

      Always great info David…I look forward to every issue.

      I survived Hurricane Katrina…Plastic milk cartons are not a good long term storage option. This includes the gallon milk carton type plastic that you can buy water in at the store. These containers crush easily and get holes in them. They also become brittle and crack along the seams. The larger hard plastic type with the handy spigots last longer but tend to crack around the spigot after using it for a while. I can tell you from experience that it is not a good idea to count on FEMA for help. The government has to PLAN “to do” before they actually do anything. They kept church groups and others willing to help from coming to us sometimes, citing safety concerns. We were at a Red Cross shelter and it took the Red Cross 3 days to get to us. Don’t get me wrong, we did get help, but it took a lot longer than we thought it would, and this would be considered a small event if something happened on a national scale. And then ofcourse there were the looters and criminals who were hyjacking and stealing supplies as they were trying to bring them in. PLEASE YOU must prepare for your family, even if all you can buy is a few extra cans of soup or vegatables every week. I would be more likely share my other supplies with you if you can at least bring a can of soup to the table. :) Good luck to us all.

    • Three.ft

      The Terrorists are in our Government!!! I love this country , don’t want to live anywhere else, paid my dues with 20 yrs and 2 wars in the military. But this so called” Federal Government leadership” is KILLING US!!!! They have effectively taken away, as we watched, our liberties,and earned rights. Case in point….The killing of a youngster by a armed police type officer. That got publicity up the yingyang BUT the muslim that shot 17 MILITARY OFF DUTY SOLDIERS is STILL NOT HUNG! SHOT! OR TAKEN CARE OF!!! he is getting 3 hots and a cot ON MY TAX DOLLAR. And for this I can thank the govenment because he is muslim and he is to be left alone and not prosacuted for a TERRORIST but as a WORKPLACE ACCIDENT!!!!!!! W T F !!!!!!! Am trying my best to get ahead of this so called gov. and hope to GOD that I can withstand their encroaching ” I can help you take care of yourself ,you NEED my help, you are not capable to take care of yourself” governing!!!

    • keith

      Great info like usual,I have a ? i want to build a website to find local like minded people in my area so we as preppers to feel alone,but so we can share ideas and certain metods of different things and good place to start.thanks and keep up the excellent work

    • Dave

      I accidentally stumbled across an emergency water storage “system” put together by a person with limited funds. While I know that plastics do absorb chemicals from their contents, I too use milk cartons after cleaning them, but plan on filtering the water if it is used for drinking. But in the case of this water storage system that I accidentally discovered, this person was using anti freeze containers she had gotten for free from a local auto shop. I think it’s easy to see that she might be setting herself up for harm here. Incidentally, I discovered her water storage system because she was having a garage sale, with her garage door wide open to the contents of her garage. She had covered up food stores and such with blankets, but not the two dozen gallons of water lined up along the walls. When I looked in the door I innocently asked if the anti freeze was for sale. She admitted then that it was not anti freeze, and that it was her emergency water. One dot went right to the next with seeing the blankets covering the shelves. After complimenting her for getting prepared, and surprising her that her secret had been so easily detected, we had an educational conversation about plastics and hiding her supplies. I was a little surprised about how much I could actually tell her, but that which I know has come from folks like David M. and all those on this and other blogs. So my thanks to all! No matter what the disaster coming our way, every little bit of preparedness helps our entire society and Nation be more resilient.

      • Eddie Hinson

        Antifreeze containers are very dangerous. The main component of antifreeze is Ethylene Glycol, it is colorless, odorless, and has a very sweet taste like Kool Aid. As little as 4 oz. can kill a person, smaller amounts can damage the brain, liver, lungs, and kidneys. It is chemically close to ethyl alcohol(drinking alcohol), but is extremely toxic, stay away from those containers.
        An easier solution if you live in the country like I do, have a well drilling company come do a bored well for you. With a bored well you can use a manual pump, or like my mother did growing up in the mountains, you can lower a bucket on a rope using a hand crank. Grow some dipper gourds and use these to dip some cold well water out of the bucket.

        • Quilty

          We have a well on our property, but it take electricity to run the pump. Since the well is 365 ft deep, I am thinking a hand pump may not work?

          • gina coburn

            What about trying to hook it up to a windmill to bring up your water?

          • Dominick

            I like to believe a plumbers ball valve placed in the right place below the hand pump is the answer to your question, when ready to pump water by hand open the ball valve and start pumping water, when you have enough water close the ball valve preventing water from traveling back down into to the well, by means of suction or vacuum, like holding your thumb at one end of a strew preventing fluid from leaving the strew.. Good luck!!!

    • William

      Am I the only one who finds it odd that the terrorists are so fond of IED’s in the middle east yet there have been NONE in the U.S.? This could infer a homegrown excuse for a war on terror that stretches into total population control for the good of the country. How long would that take? Am I missing something here? Are we to believe that Homeland Security can stop all IED’s and minor attacks here but not in the war zone? I smell something fishy.

    • juan o aguirre jr

      jim is right and i m will him most of my family is either to afaid to face facts or just dont care and or politicly correct i have been preparing since the first attact on the trade towers and now the birds have come to roost and hammas and all other terroest groups have sleeper cells in the united states and when iran and the bitch dictator are attact the groups will attack every city in the united states remember juarez mexico that was a dry run to see how fast the us reacted and those who were paying attention got the message and the rest are in denial or dont give a shit and when it happens ill be ready till later from the front lines in el paso texas the home of the soviet style commity in politics better know as the chicago on the border due to the curruption that has spilled over from juarez mexico

    • Photina

      I just got done reading “Survive the Collapse” with hundreds of suggestions in it. It had a huge gap. It did not mention that Argentina has ALREADY tried many of our proposed remedies for economic and social collapse. Barter, for example, did not work.

      A guy named Fernando “Ferfal” Aguirre has written up his observations and experiences. Several survival websites carry a column of his and Amazon sells at least one Ferfal book.

    • Jack Jobe

      From Terrorist Attack to loss of our Power Grid – the more self-sufficient each town or region of our country is the more stable society will remain in a crisis. We are on the cusp, as the Human Race. The more Grid independent we become; the less vulnerable we are. We would be wise to quickly embrace solar and other advances which are coming to market.

      A major crisis can’t be overcome be individuals who hide out but by ‘Forums’ like this and other ‘Social Media’. Prepare as quickly as you can – a little each day – and encourage others to do the same. Don’t ‘giveaway everything’ about your preparations. I think the ‘take 1st aid’ and ‘buy extra of Everything you use’. Sanitation supplies & cleaning products can get neglected.

      PS: My “Doomsday Preppers” episode (S1E9) begin Tuesday night. I did my best to make all of the other “Preppers” look sane. Have a few laughs, especially about ‘knife training’ BUT remember Reality TV isn’t! (50%) My message is. Walk About Prepared™

    • Rick

      One only has to look at history and the things that mankind does to himself. Add that to what Mother Nature gives us. That perfect storm is constantly brewing. BTW good article as usual.

    • chuck

      I just downloaded the LDS preparedness manual. Wow what a powerhouse of information.
      I recommend you search it and download it . Its FREE and its AWSOME!!!

      • Chrisj

        Chuck, is there a specific site you went to, or did you just Google LDS preparedness manual? There are a couple of LDS sites that I use and subscribe to. My favorite one is called Food Storage Made Easy. They have the cheapest wheat grinders online among other things. They show you how to build a storage unit that will help you rotate your food, how to DIY 55 gallon drums for storage etc. I don’t know what it is about the Mormons, but they are the ultimate preppers.

        • gina coburn

          My sister-in-law converted to mormon when she remarried. She has so much knowledge that we are planning a sit down with her to get some advice on what and how to store food and supplies. If you have a friend that is mormon ask them some advice.

    • Ron G

      Your newsletters are very helpful. I like what you have been saying about a society that is more prepared will make the society strong and more resilient if a disaster occurs.

    • Hugh J. Peightreeuht

      While I certainly do not endorse anarchy in any way, shape, or form. Nor am I ignorant to the potential pitfalls of any prolonged period of a so called, “pessimism” while searching for some sort of morally logical order to current national and world events, that one may encounter throughout their gifted time here on His earth. Many who are quick to judge the character of a said “pessimism” are oblivious to the necessary discernment of pure unadulterated Evil when it is presented right in front of them.

      What should be clear to every patriotic American with a firm grasp on what we are instructed to do through Scripture while here, as well as understanding that the institution of our Republican form of government is mandated, by the People, to protect unalienable rights granted by our Creator, is this : there is such a thing as DOMESTIC TERRORISM, with roots that can now be easily traced to the officials we have entrusted to defend those aforementioned rights.

      Who is watching the “watchers” of our rights? It sure as hell isn’t the press.

      The answer is, it must be each and every INDIVIDUAL legal citizen of our beloved Republic.

      Charity begins here at home, in the country who showed the world what Free men could accomlish. I used to be ignorant to current events, until the birth of my son and the realization of what it meant to preserve life outside of my own. My personal prepping has been in the form of educating myself, so I will be able to identify the synonymous events of our present that exemplify major manifestations of “man’s inhumanity to man” that existed in our past.

      We defeated Communism (Slavery to illegal authority) in our past because we had a true “firm reliance on the protection OF Divine Providence”. One of our rights is described as a freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. That is the Truth that will set us free…learn to identify and discern TRUTH.

      We have become a nation with a firm reliance on a protection FROM Divine Providence by an authority that has removed all symbols of the Source of our rights.

      When I read this fine piece of education, by the honorable Mr. Morris, I could not help from identifying with the very nature of real Terrorism being foisted upon us by an historically evidenced, very specific, “long train”, that left the tracks of the Liberty Express to Prosperity long ago. The past few federal administrations of our supposed-to-be “watchers”, with a heavy emphasis on the present administration (that is apparently chock-full of un-afraid, emboldened, communists), are in full fledged battle mode. Make no mistake about it.

      When people fear the government there is tyranny. This means that, for our Republic to remain free, the people in our government are suppose to fear us (we are the lawful government given authority by our founding Constitution).Of course, not in the sense of fear of physical harm, but, in the sense of a, “YOU’RE FIRED!” fear.

      If self education is truely the proverbial ammunition for the tools(free men) in need to preserve our Liberty and remain free of those who rule by an authority enforced at the point of a gun(historically prevalent in communism); then we have to be naturally privy to the truth in the reasoning behind the motives of a federal government who, for example, has just pre-ordered 450,000,000 rounds of hollowpoint firearms ammunition under the label of a “homeland security” directive.

      Re: ” These are juicy targets, and the results of an attack on these targets has far-reaching consequences because of how dependent people are on these systems and how interconnected they all are.

      An attack on our fuel distribution system would cause food and transportation costs to skyrocket. An attack on communication and electronic commerce could hinder fuel distribution and cause the same problems, and more.

      And, of course, we can look to the jetliners-as-missiles attack on 9/11 and the bear raid attack that caused the 2008 crash. Both of these attacks caused maximum impact with minimum cost. Actually, there is considerable evidence that the attackers in both of these cases made investments in anticipation of the attacks that allowed them to profit quickly and recoup all of their costs for planning and executing the attacks.”

      The attack on our fuel system?…is evident through the lawless, manmade, interruption of the supply of it here at home, where charity begins. Instead we buy it from countries who have attacked us RECENTLY, and are now profiting off our demise. Skyrocketing food costs?…due to a manmade interruption(bailouts) of markets that when left free, subject to the fair institution of lawfully crafted bankruptcy policy, would correct themselves. Inflation resulting from this rule of man has decreased the value of the U.S. dollar, which is also one of the forces driving up the prices of fuel; perfect storm indeed. Communication and electronic commerce?…pay attention to the fasteset erosion of free speech before us today: internet regulation via the NSA and FCC.

      In light of the recent POLITICALLY MOTIVATED frenzy over an allegedly innocent teen shot down by a public authority figure claiming self defense, ask yourself this…Why has our Presidentially appointed/Congressionally approved Attorney General been in court trying to find a legal way to justify the actions of assassinating a terrorist suspect without due process? How has this administration and the DHS defined home grown terrorists? What do you suppose an obviously overreaching federal government, afraid of its citizens, will do to defend themselves against what they declare “terrorism”?

      Educate yourselves, pay attention to the details and expect the unexpected. Resist, and openly mock in public, those who declare “pessimism”, “anarchy”, or “paranoia”, in the face of the inconvenient truths that are not being reported in the media. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

      The Truth is, reality. Stay grounded and prepared through self education, and pass it on to others….like the Gospel itself…because at the end of the day, that is essentially what will save us.

      The perimeter has been breached. Now we must protect the personal space afforded to the preservation and sustainence of the Liberty inherrent in Free Men.

      Make your self educated reality based on the blessings of a firm reliance on Devine Providence.

      • Montego Man

        Excellent submission. For those of you other there that “connect the dots” for a living you already know that time is getting tight. Take note Iran has promised to take revenge agasint the USA if there is any attack by Israel or USA on their nuke facilities. The enemy has had more than a decade to set up sleeper cells which they beleive are centered in cities. The government even annonced their concerned for “domestic terrorist” that are under the radar. There is a new government policy for peple in cities to shelter in place in case of some event. (Fearful of being shot by terrorist when trying to escape the city?!) Picture NYC during 9-11 with terrorists killing the hundreds of thousands of people who were in the streets fleeing to escape.

        With the last year, the Chinese have deployed more missles and naval craft in the China Sea, with the missles facing Tiawan. With a reduction in out nay in the aea and overall military numbers, how do we stop terroists and possibly stop an invasion of Tiawan? WHy the concern about North Korea launching what is basically an ICBM with a space probe? It can reach western Canada and the NW USA (Wash/Oregon/N.Cali). Can you spell EMP? What do you do when the enemy is at the gate?

        Generally speaking, of all the events that would be the most difficult to ever recover from (if we did), it would be a high yield aerial nuke (20 KT+) w/ a strong EMP. It would send us back to the day of the horse and buggy and mass starvation. There is a plan for the Fed Govt and military to survive such an attack; but RedCross et. al. have no plausible resolution or plan of action on the table.

    • chic

      In re: Water supply. I use a gallon of milk each week. Instead or recycling the empty container I wash it thoroughly. Then, I put in an ounce or two of bleach and squish it around and pour it out. Next, I fill the container with tap water. I write the date on it with a black pen and store it. I replace the water after the water is a year old. In case of an emergency, the oldest water could be used for non-consumption, and the newest water for drinking.

      I have a stash in each room because here in California one never knows which room one will be trapped in.

      • David Morris

        I’d strongly advise NOT using milk cartons for storing water. Pop bottles are good, but it’s almost impossible to remove all of the milk sugars and proteins from the container.

        • jerryk

          yes if you look on your recycle trash can it states no milk containers along with pizza boxes,I use glass bottles only.

        • David H

          Do not completely fill the pop bottles with water and then store them in your freezer. Fill as much empty space in the freezer with the bottles. It helps the freezer run more efficiently by having less space that needs re-cooling each time you open the freezer and it helps the food last longer in a power outage. In warm weather you can pull a bottle of ice from the freezer for cold drinks during the day.

          • Montego Man

            Ditto on the soda bottles. Also save ur used gallon water bottles and keep in a second freezer or fridge.

        • Lynda

          We will need water for more than consumption, so those milk bottles full of water can be used for flushing too…

          • David Morris

            In most parts of the country, plastic 1 gallon milk jugs are designed to break down VERY quickly. On a practical level, this can mean that they’ll break down on your shelf and start leaking within a few years (or less, depending on conditions) and/or fail when you try to pick them up after extended storage.

      • schillie

        replace jug as well plasic dosn’t keep well. as your’e able replace with glass.

    • Deanna

      Great advise as usual David!!

      Here are a few ideas for those with a limited amout of extra money as I myself am.

      When produce is on sale I buy extra and dehydrate it my self . I then store it in canning jars, with an oxygen absorber and I vaccume seal it with my jar attachment for my food saver.

      I also stock up on meats on sale and pressure can it!! I can make a sheppards pie out of all dehydrated ingredients and a jar of canned meat!!

      For those with limited income, buy bulk cans of veggies at Sam’s or Costco and dehydrate them. One can makes a little over 1/2 quart jar when dehydrated. Use a few teaspoons in soups, stews or what ever. It is cheaper than buying from retail food storage stores and tastes great!!

      Do the best you can with the means that you have and we will all do just fine!!

    • Bill

      David — you will announce your new book in emails when it’s ready, right?

      • davidmobile

        Yes :)

    • AutumnGal

      David, thanks for this specific heads-up; This is my greatest concern.

    • Marie

      Water purification – food grade hydrogen peroxide (35%) is available on internet. Only a few drops will purify. It does need to be stored in a cool place, away from light. You can drink it, unlike the drugstore variety. You can use it to purify produce, etc. Check it out – it will prevent many diseases, including cancer.
      Potassium iodide liquid or pills, keep on hand and take for a nuclear attack, it will protect your thyroid from radiation.
      Survive in Place, that’s my motto – shelters for the masses just aren’t available. I was in Hurricane Iniki and did go to a shelter, had to bring my own food. The shelter was a disaster, it flooded, too and the toilets didn’t work because the power was off.
      Back in my condo, drank filtered water from my 20 gal. water heater, cooked with sterno indoors and on BBQ outdoors.

      • Nan in NC

        Way to go, Marie. That’s what living by your own wits means.

    • Rex

      I purchased “Strategic Relocation” by Joel M. Skousen, that I believe you recommended. There is a lot of good information in this book, but unfortunately it is 14 years old and some of the information is antiquated. One thing I noticed, while there are some safe refuges from nuclear attacks, there are few places that are safe from radioactive fallout. His theory that the Soviet Communists are still a threat and are only pretending not to be, is interesting. I believe his idea that ultimately our worse enemies are the New World Order people, is correct. I like the idea of encouraging your friends and neighbors to be prepared. That way they won’t be coming to you for help in an emergency. Can you recommend a good book on exactly what goods to store, and how much, for a variety of emergencies?

      • Craig

        Davids 40days and 40 nights has what you’re looking for.

        • davidmobile

          Thanks for the recommendation, but the course was renamed http://www.FastestWayToPrepare.com. I’m not sure what is sold under the “40” name anymore and am not working with them anymore.

    • eguimont

      I’m glad to hear some reference regarding the group Annonymous as I’ve recently watched some of the youtube things along with Benjamin Fulford and wonder if it was a hoax or for real. I had not heard about the Saturday internet shut down, so that will be interesting to see if that is so. I know one of the youtube videos of Fulford said they (whoever “they” are) are giving the New World Order folks the month of March to surrender (whatever that means). More information on this topic would be of interest to me as it seems to dovetail your message of getting prepared.

    • davidmobile

      The answer to this depends on how pure the water is when it goes into the container, what is added to it, how light exposure it gets, how long it sits, and more.

      I personally don’t worry too much about that and simply count on having to purify my stored water when it comes time to use it.

      • Emilie

        I use an external filter source, just in case a water line breaks. I have also purchased drums designed for storing water. Colloidal Silver is a great, safe and healthy stabilizer for all water containers since it prevents/kills a tremendous variety of nasties in water. When asked about being a “prepper”, i simply say i’m being a responsible parent because you never know when a water line could break, or the power go out…People seem to take THAT term better than being a “crazy prepper” and it makes them more willing to prepare on their own.

    • Chas B

      What great advise you give, If anyone needs to do anything they need to start getting prepped for the unexpected, i.e. start buying extra supplies for the safety and security of their loved ones, bottled water, canned food, medical supplies, ammo and the likes, Buying these items will put us ahead of the game, We need to make our self’s less dependent on the Government and more self sufficient cause the only one who we can really count on for our own well being is us. I really like the read I find on this site, and look forward to reading more. Stay safe and prepare.

      Chas B

    • PAMELA



    • richard

      It all goes back to the old addage of two people holding a gun to each others head.

      • davidmobile

        How’s that?

      • Nan in NC


    • jim 28th reg

      Looking for all the help I can get . Cash strapped and family seems want to ignore the writing on the wall. So I’m on my own as far as stocking and prepareing . I’m 69 so snatch grab and run not going to happen without vehicle ours or theirs.
      Thank for what you do.
      May GOD bless and deliver us from these traitors .

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