(This is the email that I sent out to my subscribers when I launched 21 Day Alpha Shooter, explaining the evolution of the course.)

In September of 2008, I got hammered by the sub-prime market collapse.  I went from being on the verge of selling my company to the verge of bankruptcy and it lasted a couple of years.

At the same time, I thought the country wouldn’t last more than another year or two.

I knew that I needed to maintain my shooting skills…and keep improving them as fast as possible.  But when faced with the choice of only being able to pay for food or ammo, I almost completely stopped shooting.

I had a unique background that ended up paying off.

I trained with Olympic shot, discus, and javelin coaches and athletes in high school and got exposed to some incredible accelerated learning techniques and how to properly visualize skills for maximum effect and used these in track in both high school and college.

In college, I also did no-holds-barred fighting (the predecessor to MMA that John McCain called “human cockfighting” and one of my coaches had trained extensively with Dan Inosanto…who was both a teacher and student of Bruce Lee.

He had me doing things that seemed to defy human explanation, but in reality his methods just allowed me to learn fast and generate more power than I should have been able to generate with my body using traditional thinking and training.

Fast forward more than a decade and I realized that shooting was just another martial art.

This confused me, because the teaching methods for shooting were COMPLETELY different than martial arts and all other sports.

In martial arts, you develop skill by practicing the fundamentals until you can execute them crisply, confidently, and under the microscope of a class of students and your instructor evaluating you.

You do short training classes, multiple times per week.  You’re only able to move on to the next skill after you master the current skill.  Eventually, you can throw kicks to your opponent’s head as fast (or faster) than you could throw a punch…but it all starts with a mastery of the basics.

It’s the same with virtually every sport.

Firearms training is taught completely differently.  In a typical class, you learn a skill, practice it, and then learn the next skill within MINUTES of learning the first one.  Instead of building on a foundation of basic skills that you’ve mastered, you build on…well, you don’t really build on anything.

That model of learning doesn’t work for martial arts.  It doesn’t work for sports, and top trainers agree…it doesn’t work for firearms training either.

The current firearms training model depends—DEPENDS—on the student going home and continually practicing the skills that they were exposed to in class on their own time in the days and weeks to come, because there’s no way you can learn and retain skills as fast as they’re taught in a one day or multi-day class.

You might be able to perform like a trained monkey in class, but you’re not going to be able to retain those skills for more than a few days without frequent practice on your own when you get home.

So, I found myself without the money to do live fire practice as much as I wanted, but realized I could build on what I’d learned in track and martial arts.  I started doing slow training with dry fire and mastering the fundamentals, and I used airsoft and mental imagery.

The amazing thing was that I probably improved as a shooter more in those first couple of months than I had in the previous decade.  I teamed up with a couple of guys and we created the book, “Tactical Firearms Training Secrets” out of that experience.

As people bought that book, we were continually asked for the specific drills that I did to get the dramatic results that I had.  You see, at the time, there weren’t very many drills commonly available for dry fire.

People would practice drawing and trigger press, but more often than not, they did it in a way that didn’t carry over to live fire.

So, I teamed up with a few other instructors who were on the cutting edge of using dry fire and accelerated learning techniques and created Dry Fire Training Cards.

Dry Fire Training Cards have been life changing for many shooters, but others wanted more guidance on how to use the drills for the greatest effect.

So, earlier this year we piloted a 21 Day Alpha Shooter program where we walked shooters through their first 21 days of training with Dry Fire Training Cards.  We went into detail on the drills and let people know why the methods we were using would get them the results they wanted faster than traditional training.

One of the key things that we did was LIMIT the amount of new information that was taught and practiced each day and limited the practice time to 15 minutes per day or until your technique stops being perfect…whichever comes first.

This combination creates muscle memory faster and leads to higher long term performance under stress than a firehose approach to learning and marathon practice sessions.

Oh…and I also know that people can commit to 15 minutes per day, a few days a week, MUCH easier than they can commit to longer sessions, so your chance of succeeding is higher.

The results have been incredible.

People shooting 2-3x tighter groups with faster speeds in just 3 weeks.

We knew we had something good…so we made it even better.

I enjoy presenting and teaching in front of a live audience, but I went into a video recording studio so I could demonstrate and explain the entire 21 day series.

The videos are quick, efficient, and the series has completely transformed dozens of shooters who tested the system already.

And today, we’re releasing the video version of the 21 Day Alpha Shooter system to a limited number of our subscribers.  It’s like getting 21 days of virtual private instruction from me for less than what it would cost for a half hour of private instruction with me…it’s a steal.  And you can learn all about it by going >HERE< now.