What kind of performance is possible with dry fire only training?

“Ox,” one of the co-creators of Dry Fire Training Cards filmed himself shooting a couple of mags of 9mm out of his Glock 17 after 6+ months of using Dry Fire Training Cards for 10-15 minutes a day.

He shot a few monthly competitions (4?), a few (4?) timed fun shoots, and 2 qualifications, but did no live fire training for the entire 6 months.

The first video is a 17 shot, one hole group from 11 feet in 10.5 seconds.

This 17 shot, 1 hole group can be almost completely covered by a quarter.

Ox REALLY wanted to be under 10 seconds, so he sped up a little bit for the 2nd mag, got his time down to 8.5 seconds, and still kept the rounds in one (slightly bigger) ragged hole.

Again, this is 17 shots, 8.5 seconds, 1 ragged hole from 11 feet with a stock Glock 17 after 6 months of (almost) daily 10-15 minute dry fire only training sessions using Dry Fire Training Cards.

Notice the acceleration of the cadence as he got in tune with the gun and stopped looking at the target to verify the shots.

Each shot was aimed with individual sight pictures. There were no double taps, point shooting, or controlled pairs. He admittedly mashed the trigger and threw the third shot slightly.

This isn’t a claim of being the best, fastest, or most accurate, but it does show what kind of performance in terms of speed and accuracy is possible by using Dry Fire Training Cards in your living room for a few minutes per day.

Will it take 6 months to get these results? Probably not–3-6 weeks is a lot more reasonable. The whole reason we chose 6 months was to highlight the potential of using ONLY dry fire. If he would have added in 1 box of live ammo every month or so, the speed and accuracy would have been even better.

Do you have similar high speed one hole videos? If so, send me the link by commenting below telling me what platform you’re running and how you did it. If I post your video, I’ll send you a free gift :)

In the meantime, if you don’t have Dry Fire Training Cards, do yourself a favor and get them now by going >HERE<. If you do have them, take a minute and commit to daily 10-15 minute training times for the next 21 days.