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Dry Fire Training Cards cover firearms fundamentals, advanced concepts, dry fire exercise drills, dry fire complex movement drills, and low-light drills.

Drills from retired SEAL, Larry Yatch; state based shooting expert, Matt Seibert; former US Army sniper and low light tactical training expert, Ed Santos; runner-up from season 3 of Top Shot, Mike Hughes, and more!




Here's What Your Going to Get with
Your Dry Fire Training Cards:

  • They include more than 50 high speed, low drag drills that cover the fundamentals of shooting, advanced drills, exercise based drills, drills designed specifically to accelerate the process of developing neural pathways, and low light drills.

    The drills come from a decorated former SEAL from Team 3, one of the most well known law enforcement and civilian firearms instructors in the country, a world famous competitive shooter, and other elite firearms instructors and combine the best of the best training drills from law enforcement, military special operations, and competitive shooting.

  • You’ll learn how to imprint your unconscious mind so you shoot with fast, precise accuracy automatically, without having to think about it –so you can focus on your threat and not the process of delivering effective lead downrange.
  • They’re priced so that you can afford not only to give them to family & friends as gifts, but get a deck for yourself as well.
  • You’ll learn how to train for realistic situations that you can’t train for at your local range (Like low light, 360 degree engagement, and more.).
  • These cards are priced at less than the cost of a single box of ammo, they’ll pay for themselves within the first 15 minutes of training, and are guaranteed to help you shoot faster, tighter, and more accurate groups within 21 days, or your money back!

100% Money Back Guarantee!

I know that you are going to love your Dry Fire Training Cards. However, if for any reason at all you are not COMPLETELY satisfied within 60 days, I insist that you contact me for a full refund. Simply send me a note and drop the cards in the mail and I will issue you a prompt no-questions-asked refund.

Fundamentals Can Mean The Difference Between Going
Home Without A Scratch... OR Going To The Hospital
(Or Morgue) In A Self-Defense Situation

That’s why America’s elite military service academies choose to use dry fire training, as well as Army Special Forces (My brother is an 18A), the Navy SEAL BUD/S program (several of the drills come from former Team 3 SEAL, Larry Yatch) and more.

Dry Fire Training Cards will give you MORE dry fire training drills than any other product on the market.

They’re fun, compact and easy to use… And at a price you can afford!

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  • 52 Dry Fire Training Drills printed right on the cards to help you know exactly what dry fire drill to do next to shoot faster, tighter, and more accurate groups.
  • Step by step drills to show you how to improve your shooting 300% in the next 21 days.
  • Small (poker size) and light weight (3 ounces) means there's no excuse not to have them handy for dry fire training or mental rehearsal throughout the day.
  • The variety of drills...from blocking-n-tackling basics to high-speed advanced drills, drills that include movement, and low light drills insure that your brain will always be challenged and that you'll make fast forward progress with your training.
  • How to hardwire skills and lessons learned in training courses so that you won't lose them over time.
  • FREE BONUS: In addition to giving you instant access to the printable version of the cards, I'm also going to give you instant access to the Dry Fire Training Cards Companion Guide: This book will help you make the drills harder or easier, explain the psychology and physiology behind the drills, and show you how to adapt the drills.
  • AND much, much more!

These cards are brilliant! The biggest obstacle most shooters face is not having enough quality time on the trigger. Dry fire is the stock answer, but few shooters actually do it because of lack of variety. Dry Fire Training Cards are the answer and could single handedly spark a renaissance in extreme shooting performance.

These should be required material for any serious student of firearms training.