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One of the toughest challenges in being a forward-thinking, well-prepared American is finding others who share that belief and passion.

Over the last six years, I’ve been doing everything I can to share hard-to-find information and tactics gathered over two decades of research, investigation, personal experience, and collaboration with experts in numerous fields.

Since I am a competitive shooter, had a brief stint as a fighter, guided hundreds of clients on week-long high altitude backpacking trips, have done security for principals with active death threats, am a first responder, and am transitioning our family more and more off-grid on a weekly basis, I’ve never been content with writing and selling “book reports” on tactical and preparedness topics.

I write with the understanding that my family’s, friends’, customers’, and clients’ lives may depend on the quality of the products and information that I find, use, and share.  Heck, my life has depended on the quality of information that I know and write about, so it’s important to me that I get it right.

As a result, I’ve continually sought out the apex of tactical and preparedness instructors, courses, skills, and information, and it’s been my goal to share this information with as many people as possible.

That’s why I’m able to bring you something special today-an elite membership for people who want the hard-hitting truth about what it takes to survive in any situation and thrive in the meantime.  My new “Tactics and Preparedness” community is for those who want the latest, most cutting-edge information directly from the top—the apex.

I’m talking about information from former and active Special Forces, SEALs, MARSOC, AFSOC, and the high-speed advisers that the Pentagon and the think tanks “across the river” turn to for answers, as well as financial gurus and experts in homesteading, off-grid living, natural medicine, peak performance, self-reliance and community building.

As part of my “Tactics and Preparedness” community, you’ll receive the Journal of Tactics and Preparedness every month.

But this isn’t like any publication you’ve ever seen before.

“I’m astounded about how much knowledge you have about this stuff. I have several friends who I consider “hard core” preppers and you keep bringing up topics I’ve never even heard of!”

-Travis Eagle Scout, shooter, elk hunter, and prepper

In short, it focuses on conveying incredibly high-leverage information that offers immediate benefits and increases your survivability in a disaster situation, regardless of how prepared you currently are.

The majority of the topics covered are vital, but completely ignored or improperly covered by prepping TV shows, websites, books, and courses.  Every month you’ll get insider access on topics like:

  • Neural Pathway Acceleration Strategies. (Translation: High speed learning techniques for hardwiring new skills into your Subconscious Mind faster than you thought possible. You’ll be able to automatically use skills without even thinking.)

    From shooting to the martial arts, you’ll learn how to reset your “mental default” with the same process that apex performers use.

    The ability to quickly learn and master new skills is one of the hallmarks of special operations operators and it offers you immediate benefits and increases your survivability in a crisis situation by a quantum leap.

    One of the biggest differentiators between people who merely exist and people who thrive in disaster situations is their ability to quickly and effectively improvise, adapt, and learn new skills.  This isn’t about intelligence…it’s about knowing the secrets to manipulate your own brain. And you’ll learn the most effective ways to do it.

    Face it, you don’t have enough time to learn and develop the skills that you’d like to…or know you need to.  We’ll regularly cover techniques to compress the learning process, like what I have shared on firearms training, so you need less time to develop a higher level of skill in more skill-sets in less time than you do now.

  • Urban & Wilderness Survival Tips.  Learn the best ways to survive, including escape and evasion techniques, tracking strategies, and little-known-ways to use mother nature to your advantage.  This will be a combination of basic and advanced skills, but it will always be the apex of information available for a particular skill set.
  • Weaponless Self Defense.  Chances are you have at least one gun—but you may not always be able to deploy it when you need it.  You’ll learn empty-handed combat techniques that can do as much damage at close range as shooting, using your body as the only weapon.

    No weapon, gun, belts, or magic pixie dust required.  To be clear, I’m not talking about a list of magic bullet strikes or using chi/qi or other energy, but the physics and physiology behind specific strikes that make the difference between getting the job done and simply enraging your attacker.

    When you truly understand the basis of why particular targets on the human body are effective, your mind becomes much more efficient at identifying them as opportunities under stress.  This frees you up to react at a subconscious level 10,000 times faster than if you had to use your left brain and continually think about what you are going to do.

  • Dry Fire Training Techniques.  To achieve master level shooting ability, you have to develop high quality neural pathways (muscle memory).  You’ll learn the latest and best techniques that world-class shooters use to improve their skills as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

    My book, “Tactical Firearms Training Secrets” and Dry Fire Training Cards are incredibly powerful, but just scratch the surface and I’ll be bringing you some of the best minds in firearms training today—most of whom you’ve never heard of because they’re not marketers…they’re the guys who go down range and get the job done, or who spend all of their time teaching Tier 1 clients and select civilians.

  • High-Yield, Low-Effort Food Production. How to create high-density, high-yield gardens that also have very low visibility.  Long-term survival is about resilient and self-reliant communities, which includes being able to feed yourself and key people around you.  The more food you’re able to produce or harvest yourself, the less you need to store, the less you need to depend on transported food, and the more you’ll be able to help others long term.

    The emphasis is on strategies and techniques that you can start using quickly that are compatible with today’s hectic and fast paced lives…not strategies and techniques that will take over your life.  There are no silver bullets in this area, but we’ll share the highest leverage techniques available today—not from people talking about how easy their particular technique is, but from experts who are actually in the trenches using the techniques.

  • Situational Awareness and Profiling Tips.  Reading people and situations is one of the highest leverage skills that you can master.  It helps you identify potential threats in your environment, gives you advanced warning of danger, helps you detect lying and inconsistencies, will help you with negotiating, and will also train your brain to spot hidden opportunities in your environment.

    You’ll learn the very same processes used by law enforcement, special operations personnel, executive protection specialists, and intelligence agents to quickly profile people and uncover their intention without it consuming your every thought.  We’ll also cover topics such as identifying and acting on mcro facial expressions and immediately seeing anomalies in your environment using US Secret Service techniques and more.

  • Current Threats To Our Society.  This is up-to-the-minute open source intelligence gleaned from translated articles taken from terrorist websites that discusses what terrorist networks are telling their sleeper agents throughout America to get ready to do right now.

    This information will allow you to know what to look out for and will be able to identify and react faster if one of these attacks happens and seconds count.  It will also include interviews with current and former RED CELL (high level war gaming) members who have decades of first hand knowledge of our current threat matrix.

  • Community Building.  As I’ve repeatedly said, resilient and self-reliant communities are the core to long term survival.  You’ll learn strategies and techniques for discretely or overtly building neighborhoods and communities that don’t just survive, but are resilient in meeting any threat they face.
  • Body, Brain, and System Hacks.  A “hack” is the process of using something to get a result that’s different than what was originally intended or traditionally expected.  If you’re familiar with body and system hacking, you probably recognize that my writing is FULL of them.  Hacks are the secret sauce that allow people who don’t have exceptional abilities to achieve exceptional results.

    The hacks I focus on aren’t “shortcuts” and don’t replace work…they turbocharge work and give you the most bang for your buck in every area of your life.Whether it’s techniques for instantly dropping your heart rate 10-15 BPM, tricks for changing your visual clarity in minutes, using eye positioning to increase your maximum lifting amounts, high leverage techniques for quickly developing functional strength, using a drain pipe from a kitchen sink to build an “invisible” fire in the woods, cooking with your satellite dish or big screen TV, holding a week’s worth of food in your pocket, or any of a hundred other crazy hacks that I’ve found or developed over the years, I’ll share them with you so that you can get the most leverage out of the time, money, skills, and ability that you have.

    Like the neural pathway building shortcuts (which are also hacks), these skills will help increase your survivability in a disaster situation, and give you a leg up in everyday life in the meantime.

  • Product, course, and book reviews:  I’m also going to include book, course, and product reviews.  I am a voracious reader and tester.  I usually read more than a book or course per week, many of which are obscure, esoteric, and incredibly high leverage/high value books.  When I’m testing products I tend to buy as many as 5-10 different kinds so that I can separate the jewels from the junk and know which ones to trust my life to.  You can either benefit from my testing directly or use it as a jumping off point for your own testing.

You might be wondering how I am continually able to get access to this level of information?  As one active duty Special Forces Colonel recently told me,

You’re more connected than a Wall Street lawyer.”

-Unnamed Special Forces Colonel

I’m not a big fan of Wall Street lawyers in general, but the fact is that I am continually blessed with exposure to an incredible number of high achievers and make it a point to surround myself with people who are pushing the envelopes in their given fields.  Some of them will let me use their names when sharing with you…others who are still operational or who just like their privacy won’t…but they are all excited about sharing their “secret sauce” with my readers.

In short, as a member of Tactics and Preparedness, you’ll learn immediate, practical, common sense tips and techniques to prepare you and your family faster, easier, and much more effectively than you ever imagined…and, as with every book and product I’ve created, it’s designed to give you immediate value and improve your quality of life regardless of whether or not disasters actually happen to you.

And because you’re a loyal reader

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When I finally roll this out to a broad audience in the next week or two (Today is 5 November), the regular monthly price will be in the $17-$20 range.

I think you can agree that even at that price it’s a steal.  Actionable intelligence like this doesn’t come cheap, and I’ve paid $97-$497.00 per month in the past for newsletters that only covered a single one of the topics that you’ll get in Tactics and Preparedness.  There are half a dozen other newsletters out there around $20/month that are mostly recycling the same old content and deliver only a TINY fraction of the quality that you’ll get from me in Tactics and Preparedness.  And even the best of the newsstand magazines can’t touch the depth and breadth of what’s included with Tactics and Preparedness because they have to appeal to a broader audience than I do.

I only have to write for people like you who are interested in the highest of the high speed, high leverage techniques and products for tactical and preparedness situations.  People like you who appreciate and seek out the apex of field tested products, skills, and intel.

But, if you take action today, you can get instant access for only $11 a month.

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Look, with just what I’ve told you is included so far, it should be a no-brainer to pull the trigger on this offer.  This is one of those offers that you really can’t afford to pass up.  Does it cost $11 per month?  Yes.  But I would be incredibly surprised if you don’t save more than that every week for years to come.  Even so, here’s what I’m going to do to sweeten the offer…

Bonus #1

My Best Selling Book, “Tactical Firearms Training Secrets”

Tactical Firearms Training Secrets

First is my highly acclaimed book, “Tactical Firearms Training Secrets.” 20,000 of your fellow shooters have gone before you and given it an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’s not dogmatic and won’t replace any training that you already have. In fact, it’s like a turbo charger or a magnifying glass–the more training and trigger time you have, the more it will accelerate your shooting ability.

It goes into detail on the best proven ways to use dry fire training, airsoft training, slow training, and mental imagery to develop neural pathways, as well as the psychology and physiology behind them. Normally $17.00+:S&H on Amazon, but when you become a member of Tactics and Preparedness today, you’ll get FREE instant access. If you’re a fan of Top Shot, you’ll recognize Dustin Ellermann, winner of Season 3, on the cover. He liked it so much that he agreed to demonstrate the skills throughout.

Bonus #2

SWAT Tactics For Clearing Your House With A Firearm”

swat tatics book

Calling 911 is the best option, but if you sleep separated from your children or think you might ever find yourself in a situation where calling the police is not an option, you need to know how to clear your house with a firearm. You’ll learn tactics used by military door kickers and some of the countries best SWAT teams.

This skill is so important during situations where 911 is overwhelmed that I’m going to give you instant access so you can start learning and practicing the techniques immediately.

Bonus #3

Exclusive Interview With Mike Hughes”

Interview With Mike HughesAs a special bonus, I’m also going to include an interview that I did with Mike Hughes, Runner Up on Season 3 of the History Channel TV Series, “Top Shot”, founder of Next Level Training, and creator of the SIRT–the laser firearms training tool that my family uses on a daily basis, as well as an in depth review that I did on the SIRT and a special discount code you can use if you decide you want one–this discount, on it’s own, could pay for this entire package!.

Bonus #4

My “Urban Survival Bartering & Negotiating” Book

bartering and negotiating book

This is the only book of it’s kind that goes over bartering and negotiating tactics proven effective by missionaries and government contractors who have gone “native” in unstable 3rd world countries.-

Also includes numerous “dirty” negotiating techniques that you MUST be able to identify to keep from getting screwed over in a disaster. Includes a 1/2 hour interview with James Camp, the formerly -Classified- brains behind the FBI Hostage/Crisis Negotiating Course and Manual.

You’ll get INSTANT value from this book by using the tactics at gun shows, swap meets, and other situations where bartering is not only normal, but expected.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where civil order has collapsed, what you get when you barter won’t be based on what’s fair, it will be based on your bartering skills. This book will protect you from crooked merchants and give you an unfair advantage in every bartering, selling, and negotiating transaction you do.

Normally $17 on Amazon, you get FREE instant access when you sign up for Tactics and Preparedness!

Bonus #5

My “Advanced Urban Water Purification” Book

water purification book

This book covers MANY proven yet unorthodox methods of capturing, storing, and treating water in an urban environment, with an emphasis on removing urban contaminants and operational security.

People who think they can use a simple hiking filter for city water that is full of pesticides, herbicides, tar, salts, oil, and other runoff will have a very rude awakening when they find out too late that urban water purification is different. You’ll learn how to make almost any water pure and clean to drink with the least cost, effort, and fuel.

Normally $17 on Amazon, you get FREE instant access when you sign up for Tactics and Preparedness!

Bonus #6

My “47 Proven Strategies To Protect You
From Identity Theft” Book

identity theft protection book

In addition to covering the basics, I also cover many of the identity management, counter surveillance, and counter hacking skills that our overseas agents use to keep from being “made” while operating in hostile nations.

This book was a work of passion that came both from years of being on both sides of hacking and social engineering, as well as having had my identity stolen and from long, in depth interviews with friends who have worked in various clandestine services.

It not only covers the high value steps that you can take to minimize your vulnerability to identity theft, but ways that you can accomplish it without looking like you’re trying to be secretive.

Bonus #7:  In depth case studies and calls with industry experts.

Several times per year, I’ll take questions directly from you and have them answered live by industry experts who live anonymous lives in the dark or who are such big names that they’re normally only accessible to major TV and radio personalities…if they’re available at all.  These will be available to my general audience at $27-$47 apiece, but as a Tactics and Preparedness member, you’ll get access to the live calls plus access to the recording of the calls after they’re over.

Bonus #8:  Priority access to me.

In addition to consulting, creating new products, managing day-to-day operations of my business, and getting my family more and more self-reliant, I receive 200+ emails per day and I can only answer a tiny fraction of them.  Tactics and Preparedness members will receive priority email access to me.  This isn’t a blank check to get unlimited consulting for free (I normally charge a $2,000 minimum) but I am especially happy to answer questions from like minded people who are making forward progress—especially when the answers will benefit other readers.

Bonus #9: Member’s only discounts and early access to future products.

As I continue to release new products, you will receive priority access and member’s only discounts.   It won’t stop with my products.  You’ll also be able to take advantage of my relationships and negotiated agreements with major vendors and training schools that could save you hundreds of dollars at a time on things you were already planning on spending money on!

At Only $11 a month, this membership will guarantee you access to life-saving tips, tricks, hacks and techniques that have been proven in real world situations.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t happy with your membership for any reason, simply drop me a note and you won’t be billed again.  It’s as simple as that.  In addition, you’ll be able to keep ANY issues and bonuses that you already have.

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