Today, I’ve got 2 common AR-15 training errors that I’m going to take A LOT of heat for pointing out.  See what they are now by clicking >HERE<

Rick woke with a start. Heart pounding. It was 2:15 AM. His mind raced.

What if she got a flat tire in the wrong part of town?

What if she had too much to drink some night?


In his eyes, she was still 4 years old with pig tails, trying to convince him to let her paint his toe nails.

She was still his little girl, even if she wasn’t 4 years old any more.

And she was 1,500 miles from home.

On a campus full of boys. BOYS! 18 year olds with 12 year old brains. And he didn’t like the way they looked at her.

He thought, “Did I do everything I could to keep her safe? Is there anything more I should have done…anything I can do right now?

I’ve talked and met with Rick several times about this. And it’s not just about fathers of daughters off at college.

It’s about anyone who takes on the roll of a protector. A defender.

A guardian for their family.

When everyone’s with you, it’s easy.

You’ve got skills.

You’re switched on.

But how does a parent or grandparent realistically protect their kids when they’re not even in the same zip code?

>< was Rick’s solution to protect his daughter.

And this Labor Day weekend, we want to get it into the hands of everyone in the country who has a young adult in their life who they care about, so you can give them the skills they need to stay safe.

This is how you can still protect them, whether you’re across town, across the state, or across the country when danger rears it’s head and threatens the one you love.

Click >< to learn more now.

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Can you help me out with something? My marketing guy is asking me for a couple of video testimonials from customers. I know it's asking a lot, but if you've got a couple of minutes and wouldn't mind, I'd love it if you could shoot a quick video telling about the before and after results of using Dry Fire Training Cards. Hit the "message" button above to private message me or comment to this post. Thanks a ton!

That’s 16 servings of the most delicious and nourishing survival food you’ll ever taste – with an amazing shelf life of 25 years.

Check out this dry fire drill from Former Force Recon Marine, Chris Graham's It'll help you practice tracking and engaging moving targets at home with dry fire.


Awesome kit...I've got stuff from him. Not cheap, but worth it. 20+ years as an SF Medic, 20+ combat deployments, responded to 1,000+ motorcycle accidents. If you want the best, get this:

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If you want to wait for the government to help your family out of a jam when an unexpected disaster hits, I have two words for you...

Learn how a fun drill with these 2 little balls can make you a more effective concealed carry shooter. Like it? Please share and then go to


Airsoft Pool Noodle Platerack? Yup :) Check out this cheap, awesome drill for this weekend. For more fun, unique, & powerful dry fire drills, go to


Headshots and .15 splits with a Glock 26? Yup, and you can train to do them at home with


What's with the befuddled look? Read to find out...

When you shoot a semi-auto pistol, there are a few things that can happen after the bang...

1. A new round chambers and you're ready for the next shot....

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I need your help...I've heard a story for years about an officer entering a bad guy's bedroom and them getting into a firefight on opposite sides of the bed. Both the officer and the bad guy shot their guns dry and didn't hit each other with a single shot.

Is this real or urban legend? Can you point me to the story?

We can learn from the past or risk repeating the mistakes that others have already paid in blood to learn.

5 Lessons from 6 weeks of Attacks

Check out these MARSOC/Marine Force Recon shooting videos!…/ Shooting through windshields, 1/4 second head shots, 200+ yard torso shots, & more!

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