Would it be helpful if I flew to where you lived, went to the range with you, analyzed your technique, and showed you EXACTLY what you needed to do over the coming weeks to get the most benefit from your practice time?

And, what if, while we were together, I showed you simple, fast techniques for making dramatic, immediate improvements in your ability to shoot fast, tight groups?

You’d probably want to record it, so that you wouldn’t have to depend on your memory and could continually refer back to it a few days, months, or years down the line.

How much would that be worth?

To give you an idea, the last time I offered a firearms class that was open to the public where I was one of the instructors, it was $1,997 per person for 2 days. It sold out and the shooters who flew in from around the country all said it was life changing and well worth the money.

I’m not going to ask you to pay anywhere near that much today.

In fact, I’ve got a special for you today that will get personalized, one-on-one instruction from me that’s actually more effective than if you flew to train with me at a price that’s incredibly affordable.

Here’s the deal…

Over the last 4 years, I’ve gone down the rabbit hole to find the best ways to use functional neurology to help shooters make rapid and dramatic improvements to their shooting speed and accuracy with minimal cost or effort.

It’s called “brain based learning” and it’s completely different than the traditional firearms training model.

Changes that take weeks or months using traditional methods can happen in a couple of minutes if you use the right techniques.

More importantly, several vision problems that traditional firearms training doesn’t address, can’t diagnose and can’t fix can be fixed almost immediately using the right drills.

I incorporate several of these drills, hacks, and techniques into the 21 Day Alpha Shooter Course, but if you’re like me, you like to shortcut the process and improve faster with individual attention and specific advice.

And that’s what I’m offering a limited number of serious shooters like you today…a way to shortcut the process with customized, individual instruction from me.

Here’s how it works…

 When you sign up below, I’m going to send you out a short sequence of dry fire drills to do, either with an inert training platform like a SIRT, airsoft, or blue gun or with your carry pistol after you’ve unloaded it and removed all ammunition from the room. You’ll film yourself doing them in front of the camera on your phone or in front of a webcam. They won’t take you any more than 5 minutes to do.

They’re specifically designed for shooters who want to be able to use their firearm effectively in high speed/high stress situations like self-defense. They’re not designed for competition, but they’ll help with that too.

The drills are designed to highlight opportunities for improvement with your drawstroke (concealed carry or open), grip, vision issues, and trigger manipulation to give you faster, more accurate first hits on target.

 You’ll upload them to a website address that I give you.

 I’ve developed a 140+ point checklist that I use for these videos that covers the most common opportunities for improvement that I run into on a regular basis. I’ll analyze your video and send you back a customized video analysis along with specific drills to do that will help you the most.

Most shooters see dramatic improvement the first day they incorporate my recommendations. One shooter recently went from being at the bottom of his class in POST and concerned about graduating to being in the top 3 and is now excited to be a State Trooper.

 I’ll send you out a 21 Day Alpha Shooter challenge coin! There’s no other way to get these prized coins at this time.

In addition, I may send out other tools as well, depending on the specific issues that I identify in your video.

 You’ll do the drills for 2 weeks, run through the initial sequence of dry fire drills again on video, upload it, and we’ll assess the results and fine tune if necessary or set up additional sessions covering other aspects of shooting.

Simple. Easy. Effective.

Since the video reviews are time intensive, I can only offer this pricing to the first 20 shooters who sign up. So if you’re serious about owning a firearm to potentially stop a serious threat to you or someone you love, you need to take action on this immediately.

How much does it cost?

I’ll calm your mind by telling you that it’s not going to cost $1,997.00, like the class I told you about earlier.

For the next 20 shooters who take fast action and pull the trigger, it’s only $97. Which is probably less than what you’d spend on ammo alone if you got a traditional private lesson from a local instructor, and it’s less than what a private in-person lesson would cost with me. It’s an amazing bargain.

If the Add To Cart button is still visible below, click on it right now to lock in your spot.

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This training is not for everyone.

To start with, it’s only for people who can legally own a handgun and intend to use them for legal purposes.

Next, it’s only for people who can already handle a handgun safely and comfortably.

It’s not for shooting bullseye, long range precision pistol shooting, or trick shooting. It’s for getting way better at putting fast, accurate rounds on target as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Finally, you need to be able to take video of yourself, or have someone else help you, and upload it to the site I give you…it’s as easy as uploading video to YouTube or Facebook. I apologize, but I can’t help with this.

Who IS it for?

This training is for shooters with military, law enforcement, or civilian backgrounds who want to make big leaps in shooting performance in a very short period of time for an incredibly affordable price.

It’s for any shooter who attends firearms classes and schools and values high quality, high impact instruction.

It’s for any shooter who wants to take advanced training, but the thought of spending hundreds on a class, hundreds on ammo, and hundreds more on travel, lodging, and time off work makes it impossible.

It’s for any shooter who’s trained with the best trainers and is searching for something different…a more effective approach, to take them to the next level.

And it’s for any shooter who owns a firearm to protect themselves or someone they love from a violent attack.

If that’s you, I want to encourage you to take immediate action right now, while spots are still available, by clicking HERE.

- Ox

P.S. This is something that I’ve only offered to select friends and units in the past…never to the general public. The results have been INCREDIBLE. I’m offering the training today at $97 as a very limited test. After this test is complete, I’ll be raising the price to $197 or $297. So if you want to take advantage of the discounted pricing, and the Add To Cart button is still visible below, lock in your spot by clicking it now.

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