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"I Felt Naked Without My Gun... Because It Was The ONLY Option I Knew!"

This works… when Concealed Carry can't. A Special Message from Ox

Dear responsibly armed American,

By far the #1 question I receive from customers and students such as yourself is:

"What do I do if I'm attacked and I can't get to my gun?"

Violence can strike anywhere – it usually comes when we least expect it.

If you are targeted for violence, your attacker will do what most successful 2 and 4 legged predators do…use skill & deception to close the distance before starting their attack.

Oftentimes close enough that you can smell the foul, rotting stench of their breath.

And that’s too close to effectively get a concealed handgun into the fight.

Sure…you can try, but how many times can he shoot you, cut you, or whack you in the side of your head with a tire iron while you’re getting to your gun?

Even if he’s not armed, as soon as he recognizes that you’re going for your gun, he’s going to jam your drawstroke and try to take your gun.

Which is why you must have a plan to fight to your gun.

And why I’m excited to share a special empty hands training DVD created specifically for concealed carry holders.

Whether in a gun-free zone or a situation where you can't draw your firearm in time to defend yourself…

We MUST have options to protect ourselves
and our family... even when we can't use our gun.

I’m not talking about traditional martial arts or MMA. I’m talking about empty handed tactics and techniques that are as effective at stopping threats as a gun. In fact, sometimes they’re quicker.

Tactics and techniques that will end the fight or give you the time and space you need to get your gun into the fight.

This training is from a long time friend & business colleague Tim Larkin – founder of the Target Focus Training self-defense system. I’ve been using Tim’s training since the mid 90s.

I’m not an instructor, but I’ve helped him train the staff of one of the most recognized TV & radio personalities in the country.

What's important to understand about Tim is that for nearly 20 years he's been the guy operations like US Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces and US Border Patrol call in behind-the-scenes to teach them when it's literally "kill-or-be-killed."

His Target Focus Training system is devastatingly effective and easy to use - even if you have no prior experience or are not athletic.

And unlike other self-defense or martial arts training, you can learn everything you need to defeat a bigger, stronger attacker (even if he's armed and you're not) in just a few hours.

So, as a result of incredible demand,

He Created a Custom Unarmed
Self-Defense Class Specifically for
People Who Carry Concealed

Everything was taught in a "concealed carry" context where Tim and his trainers addressed all of the questions and concerns.

His instructions give effective, practical new options for defeating violent attackers... options none of the students, which included current concealed carry holders as well as former military and law enforcement even knew existed.

They learned ways to quickly and easily handle the most aggressive of predators with confidence - even if, for whatever reason, they couldn't get to their gun.

Everyone in the class was blown away with what they learned.

It was unquestionably one of the most transformational experiences of my lifetime.

Perhaps the best news for you is…

We video recorded the entire training.

And now we've completed special arrangements with Tim and Target Focus Training to allow you access to the same life-saving – for a fraction of the cost.

The entire 5-DVD program called "The Ultimate Concealed Carry" is available on this page for people like you who took decisive action and pulled the trigger on 21 Day Alpha Shooter.

If you're ready to take action right now, then click the orange "Add to Cart" button below and we’ll will rush you the DVDs of the training with your 21 Day Alpha Shooter DVD.

If you're not quite ready, then keep reading below to learn more

I believe getting Tim's Target Focus Training system is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself and your family.

Take care and stay safe,

Introducing "The Ultimate Concealed
Carry" Video Training Program...

Here's Some of What's Revealed in
The Ultimate Concealed Carry Program:

  • The simple solution to handling violence... when you can't get to your gun. Why not having access to your gun doesn't mean you don't have options… and a weapon at your disposal! (In fact, what you'll learn is you always have a weapon available because... you're always "carrying concealed"!)
  • In the first 10 minutes of practice you learn to kill someone with your bare hands if it means saving your life... exactly as if you'd pulled the trigger of your gun.

    Most self-defense or martial arts training will not show you this until you've completed months, even years of training (if ever).
  • Brigit's example: How a woman trained in TFT (1 single class) totally destroyed her attacker... while completely ignoring her concealed carry. (The police asked, "Why not use your gun? You'd have been justified." Her answer, "It wasn't in my hand!")
  • Why the Tueller "21-Foot Rule" is really NOT a rule at all! (And has likely lead you into a massive false sense of security).

    Listen to rare video footage as Sgt. Tueller himself explains why! It's shocking how this myth ever began... and how today it's still taught in classes worldwide!
  • How to gain the critical seconds necessary to access your gun in extreme close quarters. As all the USCCA participants learned (and so will you) suddenly you have OPTIONS you never knew existed!
  • And MUCH, much more...

5+ Hours Of Essential, Life-Saving Training...

Don't Decide Now- Try The Ultimate Concealed Carry For A Full 365 Days!

There is nothing more important than your safety and the protection of your loved ones.

This training contains information that could save your life. Which is why we are taking 100% of the risk off your shoulders and guaranteeing your total satisfaction for a FULL YEAR.

Get the program today, review the videos and learn how easy it really is to stop an attacker dead in his tracks... even when you aren't carrying your gun.

If any time in the next year you don't feel this is right for you, contact us immediately for a prompt and courteous refund.

Get the complete "Ultimate Concealed Carry" Self-Defense Training Program - 5 Hours of Video - at a Price and Format That's Right for You

(This introductory pricing is available for a limited time only)

Physical DVD’s,
Shipped (Free) To Your Door...

Here's What Others Are Saying

  • In the past I have learned self-defense techniques and I felt overwhelmed with how much practice I would have to do. But with this I feel a lot more comfortable that I can actually do this myself, even if I am not practicing for two hours a day. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone I know. Tim Larkin is so clear and concise. He made me feel confident and comfortable.
  • I was born and raised in Eastern Europe, which at the time was a really violent place, so I did see quite a bit of it going on growing up. Most of the time when people are confronted with a violent attack the only thing they know to do is reach out for their phone trying to call the police, 911. And sometimes the police don’t come as quickly as needed.  Tim’s class gives people the tools to overcome their attacker, increasing the chances of survival when such things appear. I would definitely recommend it to anybody who cares about their own safety and the safety of their family
  • In 8 years of wrestling I was conditioned to take people down and not injure them. If we hurt them, there would be a foul call.  The first 10 minutes of Tim Larkin's class  I realized that  if I were to try to take somebody down without injuring them, I may be dead.  So that hit me pretty quick and pretty hard. Without Tim's class I could be finding myself in a pretty bad situation, I couldn't recommend it enough.
  • One of the really cool things that I learned is how to straighten out if someone ever grabs your gun. I think I will take that away for life really with me. I didn’t have any sort of training before this and I came out knowing 100 times more than I ever would if I wouldn’t have been there.

Two Hidden Threats Facing
Responsibly Armed Americans

By Tim Larkin
Founder, Target Focus Training

Earlier Ox talked about the #1 concern of everyone who carries a gun – "What to do when you can't get to your gun."

And it's understandable why this is the biggest question on everyone's mind.
However, lurking just out of sight are two additional threats most responsibly armed Americans are completely unaware of.

THREAT 1: Today's street violence is far worse
than most people imagine.

Throughout the training day for these DVDs, I showed the entire class many videos that graphically depict acts of violence.

Some of them are very difficult to watch.

I'm well aware of this.

Here's the thing:  Many of us would prefer to turn away and not watch because it's ugly, cruel and, quite frankly, much worse than we imagine violence to be.

But the goal here is not to shock and scare you.

The goal of this training is to prepare you to react immediately – without hesitation, without panic – should you ever face REAL violence.

Your brain can only take you where it's been before.

Watching these videos trains your brain in a low-stress situation to handle the chaos of real violence.

Target Focus Training has you look at an act of violence from the 'winners' perspective... NOT the victim's view.

This doesn't mean we condone what some thug may be doing... only that we NEVER learn anything from the victim!

That's the big lie in the self-defense world.

You must learn to replicate what the winner did – then turn that around and use it on your assailant.

THREAT #2: The myth of the "21-Foot Rule."

31 years ago Dennis Tueller, an officer with the Salt Lake City Police Department, ran a now-famous experiment that showed how much distance someone with a gun needed to maintain to safely shoot an armed suspect rushing towards them.

The result became the famous "21-Foot Rule" inextricably linked to Tueller.

Except Sgt. Tueller never said this!

In class we watched actual rare video footage of Sgt. Tueller explaining the misconceptions everyone's followed for years... expecting a myth to guide them to safety.

The solution to all these threats is actually surprisingly simple to implement.

And it doesn't mean forgetting or ignoring what you've learned about concealed carry or firearm training.

Instead, this training is all about activating new options you already have in place and available this very moment!

ANYONE Can Do This...

Many individuals are concerned about their physical ability when it comes to unarmed self-defense... visualizing an assailant as some big, bad, stronger dude.

They believe they've got to be some kind of amazing combat athlete to overcome that feeling of "nakedness without their gun."


The demographics of the USCCA class trained in Wisconsin mirror exactly those who normally participate in Target Focus Training… men & women of all ages and body types, with different conditioning levels from martial arts & fitness enthusiasts to those not so much.

Here's the thing:  At the end of the day everyone got it. And all were doing equally well.

Even Tim Schmidt was amazed to see everyone in his group grasp the principles of injury, hit their targets with confidence, knowing that they were now armed with 'physical solutions' to their questions when their gun was not available or a viable option.

Get the complete "Ultimate Concealed Carry" Self-Defense Training Program - 5 Hours of Video - at a Price and Format That's Right for You

(This introductory pricing is available for a limited time only)

Physical DVD’s,
Shipped (Free) To Your Door...