"See How These New Patent Pending PopUp Targets and Tough Targets Will Make Dry Fire Training “Not Suck” and Be More Fun Than You Can Imagine!" 

Finally!  Targets designed specifically for making dry fire more fun and effective.

Even better...they're designed for cheap shipping, easy storage, and maximum value for the shooter who demands the best for their dollar!

Dry Fire Training With Tough Targets Is As Simple As...

  • Hang 'em Up

  • Improve Quickly With Fun, Brain Based Dry Fire Drills & Standards

  • Stuff 'em in a bag or drawer when you're done

Dry fire training has exploded in popularity since we released Tactical Firearms Training Secrets almost a decade ago.

It’s evolved from being something only the most elite shooters did 10 years ago to today...where all serious shooters have come to realize that doing the majority of your training with dry fire is more efficient and cost effective than only doing live fire training at the range.

But, do you know what hasn’t evolved with the times?

Dry fire targets.

Paper Targets Suck For Dry Fire Practice

Paper targets are bulky and expensive to ship, they rip easy, and they’re a pain to store when you’re not using them.

Even when you are using them, they’re b o r i n g.  Because they’re designed for shooting…not dry fire training.

Worse than that, using the same old target...seeing the same exact size and shape targets and transitioning through the exact same distance...can create training scars.  You end up training for the target instead of building resilient skill.

Laser targets are on the other extreme.  They're a lot of fun, but they’re expensive.

The thing is, nobody "rises to the occasion" in a self-defense situation...history, after-action reports, and science tells us that it just doesn't happen.

And the skills you have at the end of a 1, 3, or 5 day live-training will disappear within a week or two of the class unless you keep practicing after the class.

The ONLY way to be prepared for a self defense shooting situation is to train on a regular basis.

But the ugly truth is that most shooters don't do that because it's too expensive to do live fire training and too boring to do old-school dry fire training.

Tough Targets fixes that...(and might save your life in the process)

Tough Targets will give you a fun variety of targets and drills to make every second of training time as effective as possible.

What Makes Them Tough?

Traditional paper targets are pretty fragile, they rip easily, and they're a pain to store.

Tough Targets are made out of fabric...an idea so unique it's Patent Pending...so they're extremely rip resistant, you can fold them and stuff them in a pocket, bag, or drawer, and if they get dusty, dirty, or greasy, you can toss them in the laundry because they're machine washable.  (Don't try THAT with an ordinary target!)

How Many Targets And Drills?

When you start mixing and matching, there are more than 50 fun and unique base drills you can do with the Tough Target.  Add in movement, rotation, and multiple targets and your options are limitless.

Look at all of the targets on there...It’s not practical to put that many targets on a paper target…paper targets are just too small.

But Tough Targets are 39”x39” with enough drills and targets to keep your training fun and your mind challenged.

Let’s just look at center-mass and head target combinations.

On a normal target, you’ve got one or two options.  Same size targets…same angle for the transition.

If you look at the Fun Target, you’ll see several different combinations of center-mass and head targets…they’re all different shapes, sizes, and distances from each other.

For torso, you’ve got the blue FBI QID rectangle on the left, the FLETC racetrack & an 8.5x11 vital zone in the center, and the grey 8” high-center-mass on the right.  You could even use the black & grey B8 center or the yellow & black Secchi target—6 options.

Then, for the head targets, you’ve got FBI, a business card, 2 3x5 cards, a CNS triangle, a CNS dot and the blue 3” dot—7 head options.

6 Center Mass Options X 7 Head Options = 42 Combinations!!

because in the real world, the head is not always going to be straight above center mass after the first couple of hits.

(You could even go down to the pelvis instead of up to the head for even more options)

But that’s just the beginning…

From there, you’ve got numbered targets around the edge that you can use for dice drills or as command targets with a training partner…take your pick and shoot the big 4” target or the precision 1” target.

It’s a variety of drills that you won’t find on any other target.

That variety is vital for learning.

When you use the same old paper target…over and over…it’s not only boring, but it’s like trying to drive with the emergency brake on.

You CAN get better, but it will be slower and take a lot more effort than if you just release the E-brake by training smarter--with more variety, novelty, and fun.

When you add variety and novelty
with the Tough Target,
you'll create up to an additional
1.8 million new neural connections
in the brain PER SECOND.

Variety is THAT important.  It puts a turbo-charger on learning.

Plus, let’s face it, you know you'll practice more when it’s fun than when you're simply grinding out reps on paper so you can say you did it.

And it’s how you’ll make quicker, easier progress than you thought possible with the Tough Target.

With Tough Targets, you can do effective dry fire training with a laser pistol, bore sight laser, or even with your own unloaded pistol or blue gun by reading your sights…so you don’t need a ton of fancy or expensive equipment to do high value dry fire training.

The targets are designed so you can use them to train for any local, state, or federal law enforcement qualification, USPSA or IPSC, IDPA, AGAG, as well as many of the more popular drills like the Bill Drill (using the FLETC racetrack as the A-Zone), F.A.S.T., 5x5, Head Shot Standards, and more drills and standards that you’ll receive along with your target.

What About PopUp Targets?

PopUp Targets one of the most unique and powerful firearms training targets available today.

They were created at the request of a very specialized & elite military firearms instructor training program...these are slightly modified from theirs, but still incredibly powerful.

They start off small enough to carry in your front pocket and then...pop up...when you're ready to train, like the sun-shade in your car.

Check out this quick video to see what I mean...

PopUp targets make it ridiculously simple & fun to train to engage multiple targets at odd angles, as well as powerful hand-eye and foot-eye coordination drills that you won't find in any old-school training.

Because of how they're made, PopUp targets are much more durable than paper or mini-cardboard targets and they don't take batteries or stop working like laser targets.

The only question left is which package to get…

Both the PopUp Targets and Tough Targets come with a variety of drills...PopUp Targets come with a dozen and the Tough Target comes with more than 50.

Getting both will make it easy to do 90 or 180 degree transitions, train with a friend, or to use when instructing.

But here’s the thing…

We have a limited supply, so if you want to be a fast-mover and be among the first to take advantage of this powerful new training tool, you need to act fast!

Check Out What Other People Are Saying

That is so cool.  I can't believe nobody thought of doing this before!


Dry fire was getting kind of...dry...and this is just what I needed to spice things up.  Thanks, Ox!


Tough Targets proves again that you are officially the mad scientist of gun training.

3 PopUp Targets

  • Secchi (black/yellow) PopUp Target
  • Mini Torso PopUp Target
  • Command Dots PopUp Target
  • Comes With A Dozen Brain Based Drills To Get You Started
  • Includes Cutting-Edge Brain Based Hand-Eye and Foot-Eye Drills
  • Use with or without a laser
  • Tougher, easier to store, and more fun than paper targets
Tough Multi-Target

  • 39" Foldable, Stuffable, Washable Tough Multi Target
  • 50+ Drills & Standards
  • Train for FBI, B8 Center, Sport Shooting, FLETC, and other standards, qualifier, and competition targets
  • Use with or without a laser
  • Tougher, easier to store, and more fun than paper targets

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