"I laughed when he told me I could be a better shooter
by attaching a frickin laser beam to my head...
But when I actually tried it!..."

Like most big breakthroughs I’ve made with shooting, this one started with me thinking I was better than I really was…

I was doing some neurology training and a TBI (traumatic brain injury) therapist came up to me and asked if I’d ever thought of doing gun training with a laser beam attached to my head.

I still picture Austin Powers and laugh a little bit any time I think about it.

The guy had gone through a couple of my courses, so I didn’t want to be rude.

Besides…it sounded kind of fun.

So, he had me strap a laser beam on my head, like one of Dr. Evil's sharks, and practice going through the motions of drawing and shooting…to see how much excess head movement I had during my draw stroke.

He had me try to trace lines and curves on a wall…to see how precisely my neck could control my head (which is pretty darn important for shooting on the move or shooting moving targets)

And he had me try walking around with as little movement of the laser on the wall as possible.

My head moved more than it needed to, my neck control sucked, and…

…What I thought was a smooth Groucho walk
looked like the EKG
of a squirrel on crack!

I didn’t know what I didn’t know and I had been completely blind to just how much of an impact this had on shooting performance.

But, now that my eyes were opened, I had to figure out what just happened.

What I found was that if you can’t keep your eyes steady or moving smoothly, it’s WAY harder to see good enough to aim while moving.

In fact, every time your eyes jump, you go blind for a fraction of a second because of a phenomenon called saccadic suppression.  (I'll show you a fun drill you can do at home to see this yourself) And it's a lot harder to aim when everything appears choppy.

Dynamic vision when you or your target are moving is radically different than static vision when you and your target are stationary.

They use different parts of the brain, different muscles, and dynamic vision is almost always way worse than static vision…especially at off-angles…because of how it’s combined with balance.

That’s a big reason why shooting performance drops off a cliff when people try shooting on the move.

In a self-defense situation, that means you’ll need to fire more shots to get effective hits and have more of a chance of hitting something or someone that you don’t want to hit.

I realized (like you probably are right now) that this was something I couldn’t afford to get wrong.

It’s something that no other instructor had ever taught me…not in person, and not in anything I’d ever read or watched.

But, that's not really too surprising...there aren't too many firearms instructors who study neurology.

Sure, I’d shot on the move and was already better than most,

but this was an easy way to make a dramatic leap forward.

Very little effort and a BIG, quick payback.

When I got home, I played around with strapping laser pointers to my head with tape, bungie, rubber bands, and anything else I could find.

I started drawing designs on my dry erase board…some for eye speed, some for neck stability, and some to improve balance.

Over time, my vision training target blended together with my dry fire target so I could do either dry fire drills or laser drills with the same target.

It ended up looking like this:

Kind of fun, huh?

The only problem was, the design was too big to fit on a paper target…and even if it did, if you’ve ever ordered full size targets, you know that shipping is ridiculously expensive.

And once you get them, they're pretty fragile and kind of a pain to store.

So, I went another direction…and did something so unique that it is currently Patent Pending.

I printed the targets on bandanas…Tough, HUGE 39” square bandanas!  I call them Tough Targets.

Tough Targets are not only cheaper to ship…they’re WAY easier to use and store.

When you’re done training, just fold or wad them up and stuff them in a bag or a drawer…something you definitely can’t do with a paper target.

And, if they get dirty, greasy, or if the dog steps on them, you just wash them off and you’re good to go.

And the size?

Well, I’ll just say this…you can fit WAY more training (and value) on a 39” target than a 20” one.

You can fold them and use part of the target when space is limited, or use the whole thing when you’re able.

This target is set up to help you do some really powerful training at home…and on the road.  Including:

  • 1

    Drills to Make Both-Eyes-Open Shooting Fast & Easy

  • 2

    Train Your Brain To Bring Your Sights Into Perfect Alignment...Every Single Time...Automatically!

  • 3

    Dozens of fun static & dynamic vision & balance drills

  • 4

    Shooting on the move drills

  • 5

    Shooting at odd angles

  • 6

    Hand-eye Coordination Drills for Unsighted Shooting

  • 7

    And More!

And the best part is that it gives you a way to do gun training with or without a gun or anything shaped like a gun…which makes it perfect for training when you’re away from home.  (You could even hang it up at work and do several of the drills that don’t require a gun)

This is a big deal because all shooter's KNOW they need to do more dry fire practice, but most tell me that one of these 3 obstacles are stopping them...

  1. They don't know how to do it safely...or when they absolutely can't use an unloaded gun or anything that even looks like a gun.
  2. The drills they know or have seen online are B O R I N G!
  3. They don't know what drills to do that will be effective when there's only a few minutes to train.

The Tough Secchi Target solves all 3 of these problems...

There are a LOT of training tools on this target that aren’t obvious, but that are extremely valuable.

Take the 2 black pie shaped black areas in the center.

That’s called a Secchi Disk and it’s one of the easiest patterns for the human eye to pick up.  In fact, it’s used to measure water clarity.

The Secchi disk was created in 1865 by an Italian Jesuit priest, astrophysicist, and scientist named Pietro Angelo Secchi.

Just in case you're not up on 19th century Italian astrophysics history<--that's a joke :) On April 20th, 1865, while working for the Pope as a scientific advisor, Secchi was tasked with quantifying the clarity of the Mediterranean Sea…and he created the Secchi disk to do so.  150+ years later, his disk is still one of the easiest tools for measuring water clarity or turbidity.

Fast forward to 1917 in Bavaria and BMW had to get a new logo.  It wanted to use the colors of the State of Bavaria…which has blue and white diamonds…and modified it into squares and it became the blue and white Secchi disk that people recognize around the globe.

And I’ve been rotating and using this pattern with shooters for a couple of years with great success…first an upside down triangle, then 2 triangles with the points touching, and finally the rounded triangles that you see here.

What that target means for you is that if you’ve struggled with trusting your sights, focusing on the front sight and letting the target go blurry, this target design will give you the confidence to know that you will shoot tighter groups when you focus on your front sight.

Not only that, but...

Tough Secchi Targets Are The Secret To...

  • Doing effective training in places where guns (or things that look like guns) aren't allowed...like at work, when traveling, and more!
  • Easily master the advanced skill of calling your shots.
  • Learn the secret of EXACTLY how hard you can grip your gun without it hurting accuracy. (It’s not 60/40, 70/30, or even 100/100…but the Secchi Target will show you the perfect grip intensity in seconds.
  • Figure out the perfect finger placement FOR YOU on YOUR GUN. Don’t fall for the line that some expert’s finger position on his gun is the right solution for everyone…it’s not.
  • Immediately see the quickest speed that you can run the trigger without disturbing sight alignment. A slow, gentle trigger press is great when you’re learning or for long range precision, but when lives are on the line and you need to press the trigger right damn now, you better already know how quickly you can run the trigger without throwing your shot.

This is the most powerful dry fire target I've ever seen.  It's taking PhD level neurology used by the most elite pro athletes and warfighters and making it accessible to everyday gun owners.

I’ve had groups of shooters where just switching to the Secchi target caused them to shoot 3-4 TIMES tighter groups…instantly…just because they finally trusted their front sights instead of trying to shift focus back and forth as they were pressing the trigger.

And, when they went back to standard targets…

The tight groups remained because the finally understood and believed that they could focus on their front sight and shoot at a blurry target and shoot faster, tighter groups than if they focused on the target.

For many, it completely changed their relationship with shooting.

It was like someone flipped a switch and they finally “got it.”

Everything clicked…and shooting was suddenly easy for the very first time.

And that’s just one of the features of the
Tough Secchi Target and training.

The drills are fun, easy, quick, and ridiculously valuable…not just for shooting, but for situational awareness, driving, and more!

These are some of the same dynamic vision and balance drills used by top professional athletes and tacletes use to gain an immediate advantage over their opponents.

In some cases, they’re the difference between a minimum contract and a multi-million dollar contract.

Between being in the top 10% in the world and being in the top 2-3 in the world.

Between going home unscathed or not…

It’s that big of a deal.

And, if these drills give elite competitors an advantage over other elite competitors, imagine the advantage they’ll give you over a low-life attacker.

The best part is, when you do this type of training that’s so much higher leverage than traditional live fire and dry fire training, you get better results in a fraction of the time…results that impact every area of your life and not just shooting.

When your visual system is working better, it’s easier to avoid threats while walking, running, or driving.

When your balance system is working better, you’re less likely to trip on obstacles, fall down stairs, run into things, or slip on slick surfaces.

It’s a win-win…in only a few minutes at a time, a few times a week, in the comfort of your own home, you can build the skills you need if you ever have to use a firearm to save a life AND improve the other 99.9% of your life in the process.

Now, here's what you need to understand about this training...

There are only 2 ways to get anything close to it:

A.  Before now, if you wanted training like this, the ONLY way to get anything like it would be to go to your doctor and get a referral to a behavioral opthalmologist, neuro-opthalmologist, or similar professional for stroke, TBI, or brain cancer recovery...and then hope that you got someone who was on the cutting edge and used this kind of training.

Even then, it would cost you thousands of dollars to get the drills and gear...and the drills aren't specifically designed for self-defense shooting performance like mine are.

B.  You can get the training and the gear directly from me...gear and training designed specifically to give you a serious edge in ANY self-defense situation, regardless of whether you've got your gun, empty hands, or something else.

So, you’ve got 3 options on how to move forward…

Some of you are going to be looking for the least expensive way to get started, while others are focused more on squeezing the most out of every training second possible and getting the most value for your dollar, so I’ve got 3 options to help everyone.

Recon Package:  Tough Secchi Target, head mounted laser (3 batteries included), multi-use headstrap to mount ANY pocket flashlight to the top or either side of your head, and advanced vision training package with 50+ drills for only $97 with FREE shipping in the US.

Sniper Package: Everything included in the Recon Package, along with the $97 See Quicker Shoot Quicker course for only $147 with FREE shipping in the US.

Special Mission Unit Package (SMU=Delta Force, SEAL Team 6, & others): This is one serious training package...it includes everything in the Sniper Package plus a set of Pop-Up! Targets, a multi-caliber set of Dry Fire Cords, one of our limited edition insulated Vision Training travel mugs, AND a 15 minute private phone consultation with me...all for only $247 with FREE shipping in the US.

Let’s unpack the 3 options…

First is the Silver DIY option.

Now, I wouldn’t suggest getting the Tough Secchi Target on it’s own without the laser or training, but I’m not going to coddle you and tell you that you can’t, so I created an “I can do it myself” option.  If you want to do that, just >CLICK HERE< and we’ll send it out within 1 business day.  I'll even include 12 drills to get you started.

The 2nd (smarter) Gold option is for static shooting and includes the Tough Secchi Target, a head mounted laser (with batteries), & 30+ cutting edge vision, balance, and shooting drills for improving your draw stroke, transitions, peripheral awareness & peripheral vision, off-angle shooting, and more.

These will let you do high leverage training in locations where pistols (or anything that is shaped like a pistol) are not allowed.

Some drills use the laser…some use your pistol and dry fire…some are a combination of both…but they’re all fun and way more effective than any traditional dry fire training you’ve seen.

It’s training that goes beyond 99% of the gun training that’s available today, but is priced less than the cost of 1-2 trips to the range so any shooter can afford it.  >CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED WITH THE GOLD OPTION<

The 3rd (smartest) Diamond option is for the shooter who wants the best…but still demands incredible value for their dollar.

When you order the Diamond package, you’ll receive:

A portable, foldable, 39” Tough Secchi Target

A switchable (so you don't have to remove the batteries between uses) 650nm 5mW laser (with batteries)

An adjustable multi-use headstrap that you can also use for attaching any pocket tactical light to the top or either side of your head for hands-free work.

You’ll receive all 24 static drills included with the gold option + 26 fun, dynamic drills to improve your dynamic vision and balance for shooting on the move...the way real world shooting happens.

3 Tactical Vision Training Letter Pencils.  In addition to the static “Silver” drills, you’ll learn how to use them in combination with the Tough Secchi Target to do 360 degree discernment and engagement training…with or without anything that’s even shaped like a pistol!

These are the ultimate in portable, stealth, tactical vision, balance, and shooting training.

I'm also going to include a few surprise bonuses to help you do more effective training in places where you can't have a gun or anything that even looks like a gun!

Click >HERE< to get started with the Diamond Option.

So, all that’s left is to pick:

Sold Out
Sold Out

to get started now.

99% of our orders ship within 1 business day, so you’ll have your gear in hand within a few short days.

But, if you want yours, you’ve got to act fast…we've only got 50 ready to ship today.

The first two orders sold out IN HOURS!

Frankly, we had no idea how much demand there would be and we're trying to get things streamlined.  We're working with 7 different manufacturing companies to get everything made for these packages...but they're so darn valuable and the results are so amazing that it's worth it.

What that means is that if you want yours quickly, you need to order IMMEDIATELY.  In the past, when I’ve released training and training tools like this, they’ve sold out in a couple of hours…and then people had to wait until I was able to get more made.

So don’t wait another minute.  Pick the option that’s best for you and order now…while you still can.

Sold Out
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