How to Create Your Own "Tactical Funhouse"


Let’s create your own “Tactical Funhouse”

Choosing a Location

You can literally use ANY room in your home... your garage... a "shed"... and transform it into an exciting "training range" to take your shooting skills to the next level.  This video will help you pick the best spot for your own personal living environment.

Setting up your Funhouse


Choosing Your "Weapons" For Realistic Firearms Training

You have lots of options to choose from for the weapons you'll use for your tactical training.  I'll show you what they are along with the pros and cons of each one.


Choosing The "Types" Of Targets You Want For Your Range

You have lots of options to choose from for the weapons you'll use for your tactical training.  I'll show you what they are along with the pros and cons of each one.


PVC Equipment You'll Need (The Basic Kit)

You'll be amazed at how much you can do with just a few pieces of PVC... some connectors... and your imagination!  Best part is, it all goes up fast... comes down fast... and you can connect different types of target configurations in seconds!

Basic PVC "Range Frame”

This is about as basic as it gets and will make you think you're at your local gun range... only better of course! :-)

The PVC "Target Tree"

So simple... yet soooo versatile in what you can do with it!

The PVC "Man Frame"

PVC Man- Making It More Realistic


Easy Examples Of "Static" Targets...

You have a lot more options for setting up static targets than you think... and you're not just bound to your "funhouse"!

Building A "Catch Box" Target

This is one of the easiest and most functional targets you'll use over and over again in your personal "funhouse"!  Catches all those bb's that would otherwise be rolling all over the floor (well... at least the ones that actually hit the target! wink wink!).

Setting Up Your "Catch Box" Target In Your Funhouse

Now that you have your catch box target built, here's how to set it up using your basic PVC framework (and why that extra 6" pipe comes in REAL handy)!


Having Fun With Balloons

What funhouse would be "fun" without balloons? They offer a cheap, exciting opportunity to get your targets to talk back at you and let you know how well you're doing!  In this video, I'll show you how to get started with "balloon targets".

Making A "Reactive" Silhouette Target

Where you hit your attacker can make a big difference in how fast you can stop their attack.  In this video, you'll see how to create a reactive target using balloons and your silhouette targets.

Commercial Metal Dry-Fire Targets

More manufacturers are realizing the powerful benefits of dry-fire training at home and coming out with some great options you can buy.  I'll demo a few here (but stay tuned... in the next video I'll show you how simple it is to make your own without any skills at all!

Making Your Own Metal Dry-Fire Targets

You don't need to be handy at all to make your own reactive metal targets out of inexpensive materials you can find at any hardware store!


Moving Targets - Balloon Tree

Bad guys don't like to stand in one place while you shoot at them.  How well can you track your target with your weapon when it's not stationary? Here's a simple way to train for reality!

Moving Targets - Remote Control Car

This target takes a bit more set-up and will cost you a wee bit more... but it's worth it!  Works great for the live-fire range too by the way! :-)


Situational Targets - An Overview

Ok, this is where we REALLY start to have some fun!

Situational Targets - Meet BOB

"Bob" really could end up being your best "tactical buddy".  Pricey... but WELL worth it for the serious "protector"!

Situational Targets - Getting Targets To "Shoot Back At You"

Ok, this is one that I've been experimenting with for getting my targets to "shoot back" and have been getting some pretty good results with... but I'd like to do even better!  If you have any ideas, don't forget to submit your own target tips in our comment section!

Making Your 3-D "Human" Targets

Forget those simple 2-dimensional targets! With these cheap "do-it-yourself bad guys", you can make several and reenact any number of real-world scenarios in your range, or anywhere in your home!

The ULTIMATE "Dry-Fire Game"!

I've found this set-up to be the absolute BEST training tool at home... AND the most fun!  In fact, we're working up new scenarios all the time

Submit Your Own "Funhouse Tips"!

Have a good idea for making the "tactical funhouse" even better? New ideas for targets? Ways to add more realism? Go ahead and submit your own tips by reaching out to us >>HERE<<


Welcome to the “How To Create Your Own Tactical 'Funhouse'” Course.  My name is Jeff Anderson and I will be taking you through this course