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Which includes:

A portable, foldable, 39” Tough Secchi Target

A switchable (so you don't have to remove the batteries between uses) 650nm 5mW laser (with batteries)

An adjustable multi-use headstrap that you can also use for attaching any pocket tactical light to the top or either side of your head for hands-free work.

You’ll receive all 24 static drills included with the gold option + 26 fun, dynamic drills to improve your dynamic vision and balance for shooting on the move...the way real world shooting happens.

3 Tactical Vision Training Letter Pencils.  In addition to the static “Silver” drills, you’ll learn how to use them in combination with the Tough Secchi Target to do 360 degree discernment and engagement training…with or without anything that’s even shaped like a pistol!

These are the ultimate in portable, stealth, tactical vision, balance, and shooting training.

I'm also going to include a few surprise bonuses to help you do more effective training in places where you can't have a gun or anything that even looks like a gun!

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