It isn't very often that I just say, "Trust me...GET THIS!"

Well, if you're a handgun owner and want to shoot faster, tighter shot-groups, then this is one of those times you just need to "get this"...

You see, one of the things you'll see a lot of experienced firearms instructors use with their students is what's called a "diagnostic target".

Basically, it's a simple "quadrant" target that looks like a pie chart that tells you what to change in your shooting technique based on where your rounds hit.

But these targets never actually tell you what's REALLY "wrong" with your technique.


Because they were originally made for calm, slow fire, one handed, "bullseye shooting"... NOT the kind of shooting you would do in a real self-defense scenario.

You see, in the dynamics of a real attack, your accuracy will be based on SEVERAL different components, including "mental"... visual... mechanical... and of course your "trigger press".

Diagnostic targets completely FAIL at showing you what's really holding you back from being a faster, more accurate shooter...

... until NOW!

My buddy, "Ox," is a world class instructor and he got totally frustrated with the old diagnostic targets - so he came up with something completely different.

Check this out...

This new "brain-based" pistol target looks unlike ANYTHING you've ever seen before - and it completely eliminates all of the downfalls normally associated with these types of training aids.

And using it is ridiculously simple...

You just stand about 6-10 feet away...

...shoot 5-10 rounds...

...see which of the 5 zones you hit the most...

...and then look at the chart that comes with the targets to see your personal "solution" of what you're screwing up. :-)

It works with live ammo, it works with lasers, and it'll save you a TON of time, frustration, AND your hard-earned dough.

Instantly, this target will give you all the feedback you need on your technique, mechanical, mental, and visual solutions to tighten up your groups as quickly as possible.

How do you get yours?

Well, we've arranged a BOGO (buy 10 get 10 free) special this week on the high visibility splatter version of the targets, and they're also going to include 2 of the coated diagnostic charts that you can use with ANY target.

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For people who take action now, you're even going to get the print-at-home version that you can use until your splatter targets arrive.

If you're an instructor, it's a great sustainment training tool to send students home with. And, if you ever shoot with a group, it's a great gift to give your friends.

So, go ahead and get yours now by clicking >HERE<