Great!  So, here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to send you the article and a sample video from my course that I promised on how to master your grip so that your sights will AUTOMATICALLY come up into alignment with your target, without having to consciously think about it AND how that same grip will bring your sights back into perfect alignment after every shot so that you can make fast, accurate followup shots.


Because you just let me know that time or money (or both) is one of your biggest challenges when it comes to advancing your your training, I want to give your 4 drills that you can SAFELY do in your car at a stoplight, on a plane, in a crowded restaurant, or even in your kitchen with kids and pets swarming all around. They require little to no setup time, are basically free and address some of the most common issues shooters face.

All I need to know is where to send the info:

As soon as you hit the “Send It” button, I’ll send out the information to you, so check your inbox & spam/junk folder right away.  If you would, please reply back to the email when you get it so that I know you got it.

When you hit the “Send It” button, you’ll be re-directed over to a page that tells a little bit about my 21 day DVD course that is specifically designed for quickly developing your pistol skills for duty, concealed carry, home defense, and other high stress shooting situations.

It uses some pretty neat cutting edge accelerated learning techniques and performance hacks combined with proven martial arts training techniques that have been tested and refined since as far back as Sparta in 480 B.C. and have been proven effective ever since…but are ignored by almost all modern firearms training.

So, go ahead and let me know where to send your sample video lesson on grip by clicking the button below.