Concealed Carry Breakthrough!

Exciting New 6-In-1 Training "Shortcut" Grants

You Split-Second Bulls-Eyes "On The Draw"...

...And Can Save Your Life In A Real Gunfight!


  • SECRET #1: The little-known"6 Attack Factors" your training MUST include if you ever hope to survive a real gunfight! (WARNING: You'll see violent video footage of real attacks as proof!)
  • SECRET #2:​The groundbreaking study that accidentally uncovered a simple way to see faster results from ALL your firearms training... in less than 5 minutes! (Free Bonus Included!)
  • SECRET #3: How to train for dynamic shooting situations, regardless of your current age or physical ability. (This is especially important for shooters who are older, out-of-shape, or have nagging injuries who can’t move as well as they’d like.)
  • And Much, MUCH More!

About Your Host For The Workshop:

Mike Ox

Mike Ox ("Ox" ) is often referred to as "the mad scientist of tactical firearms training" - highly sought out by military, law enforcement, and responsibly-armed Americans for his innovative, cutting-edge firearms training advancements.

What Others Are Saying About The Training...

"At my shooting club we have five plate racks (6 plates each) set up, all in a long row. One of my friends at the club challenged me to clear all 30 while walking down the line at 10 yards, so that's moving and shooting sideways. I cleared all 30 in one mag (no misses) with my PCC and cleared all 30 in just over 2 15-rnd mags with my regular pistol (a few misses). I would have thought that to be impossible for me not that long ago."

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