If you're one of the 2 MILLION new gun owners
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with no training beyond your carry permit,

You Could Be In MORE Danger than you were before...

That's why it's SO important that you watch our FREE 7 part "Gundamentals" at-home gun safety video training.

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In the Gundamentals At-Home
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Gundamentals Is A SHORTCUT

When you've got the vocabulary of shooting, safe handling, and basic fundamentals figured out, everything else comes SOOO much easier.

You'll find that you have a serious advantage over other new shooters at any live training you decide to do.  They'll be struggling to remember vocabulary and you'll be soaking up the training like a sponge.  Gundamentals will not only make you a safer student...it'll help you get more value from any future training you do.

The language of firearms...this is CRITICAL to know before you do any live training or start watching training videos.

Safe handling.  There are common mistakes that inexperienced shooters make based on how they've seen firearms handled on TV, in movies...and possibly by friends.  These mistakes are easily avoidable IF you know what to look for and start developing good habits as early as possible.

Loading and Unloading.  Until recently, it was common for members of the military to qualify with a pistol every year for decades but never actually load or unload it on their own because their instructor always handed them loaded firearms to qualify with.  Similar stories come from law enforcement.  And it's not the shooter's fault...we're not born knowing this stuff, no matter how simple it is...we just have to be taught the safe, correct way to do it.

Shooting Fundamentals.  Once again, "lessons" learned from TV & movies can make shooting much less fun than it should be.  With the right fundamentals, you'll minimize your learning curve and maximize your fun.

Live Fire & The Range.  You can handle your firearm safely at home...what changes at the range?  How do you maximize your confidence and safety?  How do you get the most out of your range time?  We'll show you how to navigate the process like a pro, even if it's your first time at the range.

Maintenance.  Even the most rugged guns need periodic maintenance...but it doesn't have to be complicated, time consuming, or overly involved.  We'll break down the minimum maintenance you can get away with as well as the things you *should* do every so often.

Storage.  It's not just the law, it's safety.  It does no good to buy a firearm to increase your safety and then store it in a way that endangers you or a loved one.  You'll learn how to store your firearm for quick, safe access in a way that takes factors into account like home invasions and house fires.

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