At-Home Reality Based Gun Training

Exciting New "Shortcut"
Gives You

Gun Fighting Skills For
*Active Shooters*
*Home Invasions*
*Violent Attacks*
20X FASTER Than "Normal" Gun Training

...And Can Help Keep You Out Of Jail
If you ever have to use your gun...


SECRET #1: The little-known"6 Attack Factors" your training MUST include if you ever hope to survive Active Shooters, Home Invasions, or other Violent Attacks! (WARNING: You'll see violent video footage of real attacks as proof!)
SECRET #2:​The groundbreaking study that accidentally uncovered a simple way to see faster results from ALL your firearms training... in less than 5 minutes! (Free Bonus Included!)
SECRET #3: ​The "6-in-1>"shortcut to achieving a lightning-fast first hits on any attacker... even if it's a home invasion, active shooter, or you're ambushed without warning!
And Much, MUCH More!

Thursday February 29th

9pm, EST (NY Time)

1 Hour

About Your Host For The Workshop:

Mike Ox

Mike Ox ("Ox" ) is often referred to as "the mad scientist of tactical firearms training" - highly sought out by military, law enforcement, and responsibly-armed Americans for his innovative, cutting-edge firearms training advancements built on cutting edge performance neurology and accelerated learning techniques.

Ox is an IDPA Master level shooter with a subcompact, an NRA, Rangemaster, & UTM Mil/LE Level II firearms instructor, Reality Based Training Association Force-on-Force instructor, Tactical Vision Training specialist, Wharton-trained neuroscience specialist, and a Force Science Institute Certified Analyst with patents spanning firearms training tools, advanced mission planning VR systems, and neurology based camouflage tools.

What Others Are Saying About The Training...

"Ox's shooting systems better prepare military and LE personnel to 'go outside the wire' and then come home in one piece, both physically and mentally."

~ "Horse", Australian SAS

"This is fantastic! I've worked with several of the top trainers in the country, but I just couldn't get faster without my accuracy dropping off. I feel like a kid in a candy store...this is exactly what I needed!"

~ Don

"Best Firearms Training I've Seen In my 20 Years as an instructor!”

~ Josh
(Law Enforcement Instructor after attending this presentation in-person at the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors annual conference)

At my shooting club we have five plate racks (6 plates each) set up, all in a long row. One of my friends at the club challenged me to clear all 30 while walking down the line at 10 yards, so that's moving and shooting sideways. I cleared all 30 in one mag (no misses) with my PCC and cleared all 30 in just over 2 15-rnd mags with my regular pistol (a few misses). I would have thought that to be impossible for me not that long ago."


Thursday, February 29th

9pm, EST (NY Time)

1 Hour

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Military Contracting Info: CAGE: 894B7 D-U-N-S: 116986122
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