See How the Brain Based Diagnostic Shooting Target for Defensive Shooting can help you instantly shoot tighter groups at the range for FREE!.

You've probably seen or used a diagnostic pistol target at some point that looks like a pie chart.

The problem is...they don't work for 2 handed defensive pistol shooting!

They were originally made for calm, slow fire, one handed, bullseye shooting, but the biggest problem is that they completely ignore the fact that most shooting problems have a mental, visual, and even mechanical component in addition to technique.

They end up causing shooters to chase their tail and waste time and money.

I got frustrated and decided to fix the problem.

And I came up with something completely different...

Brain Based Diagnostic Shooting Target

It's ridiculously simply shoot 5-10 rounds at this 8.5x11 target, see which of the 5 zones you hit the most, and then look at the Problem:Solution chart that comes with it to see the most common problems and solutions.

I'm including 4 versions...right handed color, right handed black & white, left handed color, and left handed black & white!

It's the ultimate shooting hack...a cheat sheet so you don't have to struggle to remember what you're supposed to do to get back on target.

You could even say it's like having a top private instructor with you, every time you go to the range.

It works with live ammo, dry fire, lasers, and red dots and it'll save you a TON of time, money, and frustration.

While traditional diagnostic targets only tell you the problem, the Brain Based Diagnostic Target will actually give you technique, mechanical, mental, and visual solutions to tighten up your groups as quickly as possible.

How do you get yours?

I'm going to start selling these next month for $27. But right now, I'll email it to you for free when you click the yellow button to the right.

For people who take action now, you're going to get the print-at-home version so that you NEVER have to pay me for printing, postage, or handling for these targets OR the Problem:Solution chart.

If you're an instructor, it's a great sustainment training tool to send students home with. If you ever shoot with a group, it's a great gift to give your friends.

So, go ahead and get yours now by pressing the yellow button to the right.

  • - Fix the TRUE cause of flinch and it'll go away almost immediately.
  • - Chasing your shots back and forth across the target? If your sights aren't loose, this is probably the cause...
  • - Shooting low-left because you're flexing your fingers or wrist when you're pressing the trigger? You'll learn how to fix it on your next shot!
  • - And MUCH much more!

Why's it free?

Because I know that once you get a free taste of our cutting edge training, you'll love it and be hooked for life.

So, go ahead and take action now by clicking the button below or to the right.

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