The Bandit is more that a wallet... It's a toolbox in your back pocket.

  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Over 10 commonly used tools in one
  • Holds 8 cards and up to 30 bills
  • Rapidly rebuildable

Not just for storing money any longer, the Bundeze Band-it is the last wallet you will ever need. Our innovative snap in bungee cord holds all the important stuff in place while the hard coat anodized multi-tool can help with day to day chores and maintenance (most importantly opening your micro brew bottles).

So Many Uses...

The bandit is a small, minimalist wallet with a LOT of capacity. It's easily expandable, rebuildable, extremely durable, and waterproof, just in case it goes through the wash or joins you for that accidental spill into the lake. The Bundeze Band-it is also 100% made in the USA and we are very proud of that!

Lightweight, convenient, and super durable. Its compact size conceals its ability to comfortably hold 8 credit cards and up to 30 separate paper bills.

 - Aircraft grade hard coat anodized aluminum

- Secure credit card side (8 Cards)

- 2 -1/4 drive holders (2 sided bit included)

- Paper money side (30 bills)

- Bottle opener

- Multiple increment emergency/ survival wrench

- Pull tab functionality

- Strap your wallet to other items

- Rapidly rebuildable

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The Original Mulit-Tool Wallet