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The "Mad Scientist" of firearms training, Mike (Ox) Ochsner Releases the Exact Blueprint for Top Shot Performance at the Range on sturdy, waterproof, PVC Cheat Sheets and They Are Yours FREE Today!

We'll mail out the physical PVC cheat sheets AND you'll get the digital version immediately that you can use to shoot better today...even if you're on the range RIGHT NOW reading this because you're trying to solve a problem.  With These Cheat Sheets You Can...

Quickly and easily remember what your instructor told you when your memory goes *poof* at the range.  It's like having a $300 per hour instructor (me) in your pocket...but a heck of a lot cheaper and more comfortable.
Create an unfair advantage over your buddies -- While they're happy if they hit the paper most of the time, you'll be driving nails, calling shots, and winning every challenge they lay down.
Solve the BIGGEST pistol shooting problems...FAST -- Mental blocks, confusion when shooting with both eyes open, low-left groups, "secret" trigger manipulation techniques, and recoil management shortcuts to help you master double taps!  

Guarantee That Your Next Trip to the Range
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That You Can Make "The Shot" When Lives Depend On It

These expert-created shooting tools are invaluable when you're at the range and not hitting EXACTLY where you want, no matter your experience level of shooting.

These master-level "cheat Sheets" are the very best of what I've learned and used with shooters over the years to get shots on target IMMEDIATELY and performing under stress so that you can do it for yourself...

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Fixing Low-Left Groups

As one of the only neruology based firearms instructors in the world, finding unique, powerful techniques for fixing shooting issues is what's allowed me to help shooters in minutes after they've struggled for years...even after working with other top instructors.

The magic grip, support grip, and trigger press process I'm giving you instantly fixes the dreaded and embarrassing problems of low and low-left groups.

 You'll learn exactly what to do to nail the target on your very next shot...without wasting time with amateur fixes like "Kentucky windage" or screwing up your gun by adjusting the sights.

The "4-Speed Aiming"  Secret To
Precise Speed Shooting

There's a continual debate between "point" or "unsighted" or "threat focus" shooting and a front sight focus.  But what if there was a single unified technique that is more accurate than point shooting and faster than a traditional front sight focus?

It would be the best of both worlds.  And I'm giving it to you.

Shoot a red dot?  This same 4-speed aiming system will help you line up your dot faster and help you still be able to put hits on target even if your optic fails for any reason.

So while other shooters at the range are blasting through money and reinforcing bad habits every time they miss, with these PVC Cheat Sheets in hand, YOU will be able to nail every target on the first try.

These cheat sheets give you a roadmap to success.  Some might call it a golden ticket.

They could be your golden ticket to incredible (and incredibly fun) shooting or your golden ticket to be the person who is FINALLY able to help another struggling shooter when nothing else could.

If you're an instructor, these are the perfect tool to send home with your students so they have a reminder of the lessons you taught them (but they forgot) for YEARS to come.

Plus, you'll also get...

Stress Control & Mental Focus For Performance

Most gun training focuses on what happens from the neck-down.  Things like stance, grip, trigger press, etc.

This is good, but most problems that shooters deal with happen above the neck.  As one of the only neurology based firearms instructors in the world, this is my specialty...using a couple of minutes of brain drills to get results that would normally require days or even weeks of physical practice.  

This impacts whether or not we choke under pressure, and helps get rid of emotionally driven problems like anticipatory flinch.  You'll get proven, super easy to use techniques that have worked for Olympic and world champions in dozens of sports.

How To Unlock Speed & Accuracy
With Vision

Up to 80% of shooting is visual and 3-5 minutes of vision drills at the start of your training can increase speed+accuracy by 20%-200% without even having to change your technique.

You'll get the "magic sequence" that I've used with over 1,000 shooters to squeeze 2-3 DAYS worth of gains into a couple minutes of vision drills.

And for shooters who struggle when shooting with both-eyes-open, you'll get 4 techniques to eliminate the problem...immediately!

These Pistol Cheat Sheets Are Foolproof and Easy to Follow

I've done the testing for you -- Discover the hard-earned lessons I've learned from extensively testing training methods with more than 1,000 shooters like you to find the "diamonds in the rough" that can dramatically change how you minutes or even seconds.
Fix bad groups...instantly -- Most shooters chase their misses around the target, blaming the sights and the ammo, or they just lower their expectations.  With these cards, you'll be able to FIX these problems INSTANTLY.  After you're nailing the target every time, you can quickly help your loved ones and buddies at the range do the same. (but not until you've cleaned their clocks in a challenge or two)
Easy and effective -- Follow the simple steps outlined in the cheat sheets and shoot better instantly.  These are the same things I'd be telling you to do if you were paying me $300 per hour to train you personally.

For Example
47% AVERAGE Improvement In Both-Eyes-Open Speed + Accuracy...In Minutes

I recently did a test with a group of students using the techniques on these Cheat sheets.

I had them shoot a course of fire for time WITH BOTH EYES OPEN.  Only hits counted.  We recorded the times.  It was super-hard for some of them to shoot with both eyes open because it was too confusing.

Then, we did a few minutes of the drills from the cheat sheets and re-shot the course of fire.

EVERYBODY improved...even those who were OK shooting with both eyes open before.

3 shooters improved their times by more than 60%.  One improved 80.4%!

How long would it take with "traditional techniques" to improve that much?  Days?  Weeks?  We did it in minutes.

When you have these Cheat sheets with you at the range, you'll be unstoppable.  A force of nature.  And shooting will be more fun than it's ever been before.

You Just Cover the Shipping!

So why am I giving these away?  This is my way of introducing you to my Brain Based Firearms Training...a smarter way to train.  I want to make sure that you have the tools you need to build gun handling skills that you--and your loved ones--can depend on when lives are on the line.

Claim you FREE PVC Pistol Cheat Sheets now while supplies last

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