How It Works

"We help time starved shooters
develop unshakable confidence
for the range and the street
in 21 days or less
for less than the cost of a single trip to the range."

Trusted By Top Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilian Shooters


In just 3 steps, you can shoot 2x faster, 2x tighter groups with a defensive pistol

  • Step 1
    Get The Training

    It’s simple to order.  You get both online-on-demand access as well as the DVD so you can begin training in the next 5 minutes!  You don’t need any special tools or gear to get started…you just need to be a responsible adult who can legally own a firearm and who can safely and responsibly handle it.

  • Step 2
    Train Smarter/Easier/Quicker

    Spend just 5-15 minutes per day watching and following along with the dry fire drills in the comfort and privacy of your home.  The drills use cutting edge neuroscience and accelerated learning techniques to slash the amount of time you need to spend training.

  • Step 3
    See The Results…FAST

    Most shooters see dramatic results within the first 3-5 days.  And in 21 days, you’ll see the same kind of results that thousands of military, law enforcement, and responsibly armed civilians have seen—unshakable confidence and performance from the range to the street.

What makes the training so different?

  • Unique

    Our unique approach combines cutting edge brain science with proven 2,500 year old martial arts training techniques.  That’s why it works so well for everyone from brand new shooters to tip-of-the-spear warriors…regardless of what they’ve tried before.

  • Fun & Easy

    The follow-along video training is so fun and so easy, it’ll quickly become a highlight of your day!  The science in the training is incredibly powerful, but simple enough that anyone with a 6th grade education can get great results.

  • Affordable

    The complete video training package and $141 in bonuses costs less than a single trip to the range (ammo, range fees, fuel, etc.) and WAY less than a single session with a private instructor.

  • FAST!

    Since the follow-along dry fire drills are so powerful, you only need to practice 5-10 minutes at a time in the comfort of your living room to see quick, dramatic improvement.  In fact, we suggest that you avoid practicing any more than 15 minutes per day.  That’s about an hour a week to get the kind of results that most shooters spend their entire lives wishing they had.

Why You Need To Shoot Better

We've helped over 10,000 shooters shoot better with our cutting edge at-home training.  From retired women getting their first gun to competitive shooters to guys leaving a career in special operations, our training has helped them have more confidence and better performance in a fraction of the time and cost as traditional training.

Regardless of where you're at as a shooter, this training is the next step.  It's the most efficient, effective, and inexpensive way to become the shooter you've always wanted to be.

You can be the shooter who can perform at a high level at the range as well as under extreme stress.

You can be the shooter who your friends will admire and your loved ones can depend on.

Skills You Can Be Proud Of At The Range
And Skills That Get The Job Done When Lives Depend On It

Go to almost any range and you'll find shooters who are happy to just hit the target.

And when you look at FBI stats on law enforcement shooting, roughly 80% of shots fired by trained law enforcement have missed their target for the last decade.

That kind of performance just isn't acceptable when you've got loved ones or innocents around.

The fact is, most shooters don't have enough time or money to do enough traditional live fire training to shoot better.

But, I don't believe that life-saving shooting performance should be limited to those with unlimited training budgets.

From here on out, every round you send downrange...whether it's for fun, competition, or saving a life...will be quicker and more accurate.

We'll give you the earned confidence of knowing you can send a round exactly where you need it to go with a defensive pistol, regardless of the situation.

And you'll become the shooter you've always wanted to be.

How Does It Work?

  • Dry Fire

    Dry fire training is the secret of top performers.  It’s the manipulation of your pistol with no live ammo present.  Done correctly (I’ll show you), it’s safe for all modern defensive pistols.  Best of all, it means that you can practice without paying for every rep in the comfort of your own home!

    Normal dry fire is good.  Our dry fire drills use cutting edge brain science to slash the amount of time you need to spend practicing to make the gains you want.

  • Follow-along Video Training

    Simple. Easy. Powerful. All you do is follow along and copy what you see on the video–just like a follow-along exercise video.  It’s like having a private instructor come over to your house every day to work with you…only at a fraction of the price.

  • Followup Training

    You’ll also get a set of Dry Fire Training Cards to use for followup training.  They’re a deck of 50+ dry fire drills printed conveniently on playing cards so that you’ll always have a variety of fun, effective drills to do any time you want.

You get the Complete 21 Day Alpha Shooter System

  • 21 Day Alpha Shooter follow-along video course on DVD
  • 21 Day Alpha Shooter follow-along video course on online on-demand (so you can start training in the next 5 minutes)
  • Dry Fire Training Cards
  • PDF version of the cards you can keep on your phone
  • More Than A Dozen Bonus Training Videos covering grip, streamlining your drawstroke, long range pistol shooting, and more!
  • Instant access to "Clearing Your Home With A Firearm" for those times when police are overwhelmed and you're on your own.
  • Print-at-home diagnostic pistol target & group diagnostic's a cheat sheet for the next time you're at the range and your mind goes *poof!* and you forget what to do to fix what's going on.
  • Wallet sized pistol drop chart--to get you on target with a defensive pistol out to 200 yard!
  • Over $141 in bonuses when you act now...all for less than the cost of a single trip to the range!

Who Teaches The Course?

Mike Ox

Mike (Ox) is the creator of Dry Fire Training Cards and 21 Day Alpha Shooter and his brain based firearms training currently helps more than 5,000 shooters each year get better results in less time for less money.  60% of the clients we serve are current or former military/law enforcement with an emphasis on special operations personnel.  We also frequently work with all-women shooting groups as well as armed church security training.