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Our at-home dry fire training will have you shooting 2x faster, tighter groups without firing a shot.

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Stop Wasting Money At The Range!

Most firearms training today was developed decades ago by shooters who had training time and ammo provided for them as part of their job.  It's outdated and not efficient for the modern shooter.

21 Day Alpha Shooter was designed for shooters who don't have the time or budgets required by outdated training methods, but who still demand high level shooting performance.

The system combines cutting edge brain science with dry fire drills that you can do at home to make dry fire more fun and more effective so you'll improve quicker, easier, and cheaper than most people think is possible.

  • Make the hardest shots with confidence when others freeze in fear
  • Get life-saving skills your loved ones can depend on
  • Earn the respect of your peers
  • Train real-world skills that most ranges prohibit
  • Have more fun when you go to the range
  • Shoot better with both eyes open

A Smarter Way To Train

The US Navy SEALs have a virtually unlimited training budget and very generous range time.  Even so, they do dry fire training at home every night FOR WEEKS before they get to fire their first live round.  It's a similar story for other special operations units and tactical law enforcement.  What you've got to ask yourself is, if the best shooters in the world use dry fire training, shouldn't you?

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Just 3 Steps To Gain More Confidence
From The Range To The Street

Dry fire training is the secret of top performers.  It's the manipulation of your pistol with no live ammo present.  Done correctly (I'll show you), it's safe for all modern defensive pistols.  Best of all, it means that you can practice without paying for ammo in the comfort of your own home!

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    You’ll start seeing results in 3-5 days that multiply over time, regardless of the situation.

What's my investment?

How much have you spent on ammo, training, and gear so far without seeing the results you want to see?  Are you seeing dramatic improvements every time you go to the range?  Are you doing more and more of the same and expecting a different result?  How much of your current training is simply reinforcing mediocre performance instead of elevating your game?  If you had to use your pistol to defend yourself or those you love TONIGHT, would you wish you'd done anything differently...better?  You see, not using our system has an immediate cost, because your range time isn't as effective or as fun as it could be.  But there's also a bigger potential cost of not using our training...and it could be the life of someone you love.

The 21 Day Alpha Shooter System Includes

  • 21 Daily follow-along dry fire training videos on DVD $37 Value
  • 21 Day Alpha Shooter follow-along video course on online on-demand (so you can start training in the next 5 minutes) $27 Value
  • 50+ Dry Fire Training Cards $17 Value with 300+ 4&5 Star Ratings!)
  • PDF version of the cards you can keep on your phone ($9.97 Value)
  • More Than A Dozen Bonus Training Videos covering grip, streamlining your drawstroke, long range pistol shooting, and more! ($27 Value)
  • Instant access to "Clearing Your Home With A Firearm" for those times when police are overwhelmed and you're on your own. ($27 Value)
  • Print-at-home diagnostic pistol target & group diagnostic's a cheat sheet for the next time you're at the range and your mind goes *poof!* and you forget what to do to fix what's going on. ($27 Value)
  • Wallet sized pistol drop chart--to get you on target with a defensive pistol out to 200 yards! ($17 Value)

That's $188.97 in proven at-home training...
All for only $37!
That's an 80% savings and
less than the cost of a single trip to the range!

What if you don't take action today?

Chances are good that nothing will change.  You’ll shoot the same next week, next month, and next year as you do right now.

And, if that was good enough, you wouldn’t be reading this right now, would you?

If you don’t take action, the same things that frustrate you now at the range will frustrate you tomorrow...and the next day...and the next...

If you don’t take action, you’ll still have the same nagging fears about whether or not you’ll be able to perform when your life and the lives of those you love depend on it.

Somewhere out there, there’s a bad guy looking for another sucker who bought into the lie that they can “rise to the occasion.”

You know better.

That’s why you’re here.

You know that hope and dreams and good thoughts don’t save the day in a life or death situation…it’s the training that you have or haven’t done that’s going to determine how the day ends for you.

You can do more of what you’ve done to get to where you are today, but Einstein said it best when he said that “Doing the same thing more frequently and intently and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.”

What you need is a completely different and more efficient plan.  What you need is 21 Day Alpha Shooter.

You're not going to find a quicker solution.  You're not going to find a less expensive solution.  This will give you the most bang for the buck of any training option available, so go ahead and get started now by clicking the button below.

Who Teaches The Course?

Mike Ox

Mike (Ox) is an NRA and UTM instructor who is the creator of Dry Fire Training Cards and 21 Day Alpha Shooter.  His brain based firearms training currently helps thousands of shooters each year get better results in less time for less money.  While he currently holds the 5th fastest time in the world in the IDPA classifier with a subcompact BUG gun (20.8 seconds), he primarily uses IDPA, USPSA, and 3-gun as a stress inoculation tool.  His passion is training for self-defense shooting situations.  As a result of the unique effectiveness of the training, 60% of the clients we serve are current or former military/law enforcement with an emphasis on special operations personnel.  We also frequently work with all-women shooting groups as well as armed church security teams.

Show FAQs +

-How long will I have access to the online materials?  What if I can't complete the training in 21 days?  Can I do the training with my family?  Can I watch the videos multiple times?

Answer: First off, you'll have your DVD and cards forever.  You'll also get lifetime, unlimited access to the online training videos for personal use.  There's no problem taking days off during the training.  You can re-watch the videos as many times as you'd like for the rest of your life.  You're encouraged to use the training with everyone in your household who can safely do it.

-Won’t Dry Fire Hurt My Gun?

Answer: Dry fire is the manipulation of a firearm with no live ammo present. You can do it with your carry gun, a blue gun, an airsoft gun, or other inert training tools that we’ll cover in lesson 1.

You can do dry fire drawstrokes all day long and you don't have to press the trigger a single time. 

You can practice transitions between targets, acquiring your sights, and other visual drills without ever having to press the trigger.

You can practice reloads and malfunction drills (tap, rack, assess) without ever having to press the trigger.

But let's move on to what you were thinking of...dry fire drills where you press the trigger and the hammer or striker moves forward.

MANY modern defensive pistols specifically say in the manual that you can dry fire them without a snap cap. Others don't say, but when you call the 1-800 number on the front cover, they'll tell you whether it's fine and whether or not it's fine for high volume dry fire or just low volume dry fire.

Here's a general rule. If you use a snap cap that has a surface for the firing pin to strike, you can dry fire ANY firearm regardless of whether it's hammer fired, striker fired, center fire, or rimfire.

There are some rimfires that specifically say in the manual that you can dry fire them. That's rare. But ALL can be dry fired with a snap cap inserted or spent brass. The snap caps won't last real long, but you can do it. Generally, .22s aren't the guns that you'd dry fire for self defense practice.

Almost all centerfire pistols that use a hammer need a snap cap to do high volume dry fire training. Some will say it's OK, but that's rare. Using a snap cap with a surface for the firing pin to hit will do less wear and tear on your pistol than doing live fire.

Most striker fired pistols will say in the manual that it's OK to dry fire them without a snap cap. Even so, I recommend using a snap cap with a surface for the firing pin to hit.

-Will 21 Day Alpha-Shooter work with revolvers?

Answer: The terminology used in The 21 Day Alpha-Shooter is directed towards semi-automatic firearms shooters because that is what most people carry for self-defense purposes. Again, since the program is fundamental and not dogmatic, they will work for revolvers as well as they work for semi-automatics. A few of the drills won’t be applicable (like malfunction drills) but the majority will be.

-I’ve trained with the best instructor at the best school in the world. Are you going to try to change my technique?

Answer: No. The 21 Day Alpha-Shooter will not replace current techniques that you have. They are not dogmatic and if you’d compare them to a country, they’d most resemble Switzerland–everyone gets along with Switzerland.

The purpose of The 21 Day Alpha-Shooter isn’t to teach technique, it’s to help you take the best technique that you already know and help you develop muscle memory so that you can execute solid fundamentals (rather than spraying and praying) under stress.

-I’m a newbie shooter. Will The 21 Day Alpha-Shooter work for me?

-I’m a Special Forces firearms instructor at the Special Warfare Center and School. How in the heck The 21 Day Alpha-Shooter help a bad ass like me?

Answer: The 21 Day Alpha-Shooter will help any shooter who wants to improve their speed, accuracy, and precision. One problem with traditional dry fire training is that if you do the same dry fire training all the time, the mind learns to filter it out and the neural pathways don’t translate over to live fire.

The variety of exercises you’ll get and the multifaceted approach means that your mind will get enough variety to be stimulated and for growth to keep happening.

The 21 Day Alpha-Shooter is designed to work best after a shooter has received SOME instruction from a qualified instructor…preferably an NRA, law enforcement, or military instructor with proper emphasis on safety and correct form.

This means that if you’ve trained at high end national schools like Frontsight, Gunsite, Suarez, Sig, ICE, Blackwater/Xe/Academi, Costa Ludas, Thunder Ranch, or any of the thousands of elite local trainers across the country, these cards will help drive home the lessons you paid to learn. Put another way, they’ll convert the techniques that you paid to learn and know in your head into skills that you can actually depend on under stress.

Fitness level

-I’m in horrible shape. Will 21 Day Alpha-Shooter still work for me?

-I’ve got nerve/muscle issues that cause the shakes. Will 21 Day Alpha-Shooter work for me?

-I’m a world champion fitness guru. Will your 21 Day Alpha-Shooter and Dry Fire Training Cards work for me?

-I have a non-functional/amputated limb. Will your 21 Day Alpha-Shooter work for me?

Answer: The 21 Day Alpha-Shooter is not dogmatic and users can alter the drills so that they are more or less challenging without compromising the benefits of the drills. As you find drills that work particularly good for you, I’d ask that you email them to me so that I can share them with others.

Every single person is going to have a performance ceiling. If you’ve got the shakes or are in your 80s and out of shape, your groups won’t be as fast, tight, and accurate as if you were in the best shape of your life, but the drills WILL still help you shoot better.

A lot of shooters that I know (my 77 year old mother included) can’t shoot as much as they like anymore because of hand and wrist pain, but still view their firearms as a primary self-defense tool. Dry fire is a perfect tool for people in this situation.


-Is 21 Day Alpha-Shooter safe?

-Won’t I put a hole in my TV if I do dry fire?

Answer: In this day and age, nothing is safe. If you try to eat The 21 Day Alpha-Shooter, you could choke, get indigestion, or some other crazy problem. You could get a paper cut from your free Dry Fire Training Cards. You could get carpel tunnel syndrome getting to an email with your training. If you roll a card up, you could probably shove it in your ear and do some pretty good damage. I’m not joking with these examples—simply highlighting how warped our society has become in regards to “safety” and blame. In short, they’re not safe and if that’s a concern, you probably shouldn’t buy them.

Using The 21 Day Alpha-Shooter is another matter. By definition, dry fire training is responsible training with a weapon platform without any ammunition present or training, an inert weapon platform, or with a simulated weapon platform. You can still get hurt if you fall on it, trip and fall while doing a drill, etc.

But, if you have a negligent discharge during your training, then you weren’t doing dry fire. Dry fire is responsible training with a weapon platform without any ammunition present, an inert weapon platform, or training with a simulated weapon platform. If a live round of ammunition gets introduced into the mix, it is not dry fire and it is not an accident—it’s negligence and it’s your responsibility to keep it from happening.

When you join The 21 Day Alpha-Shooter, I’ll share a handful of quick resources with you for safer dry fire training, but it’s important to remember that the purpose of a firearm is to project massive kinetic force and penetrate objects at a distance and anything you do with a firearm includes a significant amount of risk.

-Will you sell these to kids under 18/21?

Answer: Adults who own firearms should have all firearms in their house secured so that unauthorized users can’t access them. It is their choice and responsibility, not mine or the cards, to determine who has access to the firearms. That being said, the drills can be done with inert training platforms like blue guns, SIRTs, or even kinetic platforms like airsoft (with the approval and supervision of the parent).

In addition, once you’ve done the drills for real and can see yourself doing the drill in your mind, The 21 Day Alpha-Shooter can be used for mental rehearsal without any platform whatsoever—just by going through the drills in your head. In fact, mental imagery (without physical movement) is a way that you can do firearms training on ANY commercial airline flight in the world—or even while you’re going through airport security…that is, until they start arresting people for thought crimes.

Tell me about the brain science you use +

You see, modern gun training takes a firehose approach, cramming as much information as possible into students in a very short amount of time, a few times a year. No matter how great the instructors are, the human mind just isn't designed to learn skills that way. It's like pouring a 5 gallon bucket into a teacup...the teacup gets filled real quick and the rest is wasted.

Your mind is the same. It learns skills best with frequent short learning/practice sessions over time. And that's just one of the accelerated learning techniques we use.

Please understand that the science we use in the training is advanced, but the training itself is simple, easy, and fun to do. It's designed so that any responsible adult with a 6th grade education can take full advantage of it.

Here's a sample of some of the accelerated learning hacks we incorporate into the training:

  • Interleaved training that's been shown to help you perform up to 3x better under stress...even if you do worse in practice
  • Synaptic Facilitation to help your performance improve exponentially after you set the base
  • A simple trick to maximize acetyl choline in the brain so you can create memories/learn skills faster
  • Visual hacks to see your sights faster
  • Neuroplasticity techniques to recruit more of your brain into the shooting process
  • "Slow training" techniques that generate smooth, accurate speed
  • Using tactile feedback to automatically line your sights up with the target...even before you see them.
  • A simple trick to supercharge neurogenesis (adding density & power to the brain) so you build neural pathways (muscle memory) faster
  • At-home sensory deprivation training tricks
  • and many more...

You don't need to understand any of the fancy words or the science behind them...all you have to do is follow the simple step-by-step training and you'll get the full benefit of these hacks.

(but, if you do want to know about them, you'll get regular emails from me where I talk about them.  I started learning these techniques when I was in grade school and learned a biofeedback technique from a Mayo Clinic doctor for controlling chronic migraines.  It continued in high school when I trained with Olympic discus and javelin coaches and has been a passion for my entire adult life, taking me across the country and out of the country throughout the year for performance neurology and other advanced training courses.)

Each of these training techniques on their own are powerful. Combined, they're like adding a supercharger and nitrous to an already-fast muscle car...they're a game changer.

This is why we're able to deliver BETTER results in a few minutes per day over the next 21 days than what you can get by only doing live training.

And you can imagine just how effective it is when you go to an intensive live fire class and combine it with 21 Day Alpha Shooter.

I want to give you instant access to a valuable PDF with 3 drills you can do with or without a pistol that will give you tighter, faster groups the next time you go to the range.

You’ll learn how to fix low-left groups, shoot better with both eyes open (even with cross-eye dominance) and make your sights come into immediate, automatic alignment with the target each time you draw.

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Download our FREE 3-Things PDF and see why our dry fire training is superior to live-fire-only training as well as old-school traditional dry fire.

You'll learn how to quickly shoot with both eyes open, how to fix low-left groups, and a brain hack to shoot several accurate shots per second with an ordinary duty or carry pistol.

Download The PDF

I want to give you instant access to a valuable PDF with 3 drills you can do with or without a pistol that will give you tighter, faster groups the next time you go to the range.

You’ll learn how to fix low-left groups, shoot better with both eyes open (even with cross-eye dominance) and make your sights come into immediate, automatic alignment with the target each time you draw.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

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